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  1. I'm no doctor, but Tom doesn't look right in that video speech. Something's off.
  2. It doesn't take that long to record songs. It's the post production that takes the longest, which they don't have much to do with.
  3. No, they used a deluxe edition track titled "Here I Am" featuring Tom DeLonge.
  4. I would love the descriptions he wrote as well on the gear. I remember seeing something like "I used this JCM900 for my huge, heavy tone on songs like The War, Secret Crowds, and Up All Night."
  5. Fuck. Thank you for a great laugh!
  6. I don't see that Strange Time movie happening, and if it does, it'll be out in 4-5 years and probably be a short film, if that.
  7. Tom will be back eventually. According to the information on public domain, he's still an owner of Blink-182 LLC, but an inactive member, with Mark and Travis being listed as active. What's also interesting is there was some law suit against the Blink-182 business entity, which makes me think it could've been something along the lines of Tom receiving a share of the compensation from California and the summer tour. It could've also been that legal separation that Mark talked about in 2015.
  8. As much as I hate saying this, I'm not even that excited about the new songs they're recording for the California deluxe edition...
  9. Yeah that sucked, as expected. The more time that passes, the less I like California and this line up of Blink. It feels so stale and insincere.
  10. I can still picture this: Janurary 2015 - blink-182 enters studio with Feldy (yes, Tom is there). Blink presents their demos to John, only to be suggested that they don't have that "summer time Blink feel" to them. Tom texts his manager with permission to begin typing the "TOM. IS. OUT." email. Blink lays down drums and bass to a new song and then collectively agrees to record guitars and vocals after "a quick break." Feldy goes to make his "billboard top 100 espresso" with 8 shots of vegan Carmel syrup, Mark books his next trip to Stonehenge, Travis is Travis, and Tom steps out "to grab
  11. I see Travis and Feldy played a Christmas party set together. I'm sure they had a shower together afterwards as well.
  12. What I want on the next Blink record: -No Feldy, get someone else. -Tom DeLonge (a fully committed, collaborative effort). -No more lyrics about never coming home
  13. Anyone from the Blink boards doing the Reddit Blink-182 tribute record?
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