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  1. In my opinion this is one of the best blink related work instrumentation wise. Catchy, upbeat, makes you amped. Sounds real. Not super easy and uninspired like almost everything blink did with skiba. Sounds new, but still recognizable. If anything it sounds more like the old blink than the new blink-182.
  2. better than i remembered! I like how mark is screaming.
  3. Got me thinking when they will reunite eventually. If not this year maybe in the next 5 years. But i wonder if they will ever get together and make that magic again. They've been saying that the upcoming album is gonna be more like the untitled album, i also wonder if that is true or if its a marketing move. Considering California was all very....easy, chord/rythem wise.
  4. Sure, you can find a lot of my stuff here: www.spacecadet.nl
  5. Ay whats up?? I'm doing pretty well actually! Moved to Amsterdam. I make music video's and documentary's for pretty succesful artists now. I saw the Travis podcast and was missing a place to talk about things. How are you people, what's been going on in your lives?
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