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  1. I hated how they glorified addiction to drugs like Marijuana cigarettes! Blink is nothing but reefer heads!
  2. He's making money, who cares?
  3. I think I'm mostly picky because it's a genre I'm rooted in. Blink and Green Day were the only real pop punk acts of that genre I liked growing up and I defended them a lot from my "punk-as-fuck" friends ... who are now mostly into shitty folk bands. Back then blink and Green Day stood apart from the other shitty coattail bands that popped up. Pop punk then, and now, always had a different meaning to me that was more connected with the underground than MTV or radio. That's not an elitist pov, I don't mean it like that ... they just had that same, one of the gang energy to them. Now, though, bo
  4. Admittedly, I don't know the first thing about the guy. I've only ever heard the Bloody Valentine song because it was on THPS1+2. It's a decent enough song, I was blown away by it our anything and I don't have any want to delve further into his work but I bob my head along nonetheless. That's okay too ... more power to the guy ... go out there, live the life you wanna live and get paid to do it. Good on him. I can't comment on his music or pop punk in the same vein ... its just not my style, it's not meant for me. I mean, I can comment ... and I will but I have no authority in the matter. Peop
  5. Those subjects do tend to be trendy when trying to portray yourself as an outsider. Its been that way for decades all across mediums.
  6. I have them on my Tele and love them but the strat was handed down to me and needs some work. This is the first step.
  7. I think the problem is that it felt like a rehash ... every story is essentially a rehash of every other story, blah blah blah ... its the details that separate and make the story unique and, personally, I feel like the new trilogy failed in that regard. They took the character arcs of the original trilogy, applied them to new characters but didn't really spend anytome developing those characters. Rey was essentially Luke but without the struggle and failure that made him the character he was ... there was a lot of things happening but not a lot going on, if you get my meaning.
  8. Secondly, they should probably come up with an original (and coherent) story line, instead of leeching off the original. I'm not even much of a SW fan and even I think Disney goofed it.
  9. I thought old people were supposed to be wise ... you're like the deficient that lived ...
  10. You know you're wrong when the resident pedophile takes your side.
  11. The guy gets erect for the new SW trilogy and California, what do you expect?
  12. I understand, they're easier on your delicate girl hand!
  13. You do real tortoise shell or you do nothing!
  14. She's legal, feeling_kids.

  15. It's been going strong since the 80s ('74 if you count Ramones ... which, I do), mainstream or not. There's been a ton of great pop punk/power pop records in the last decade.
  16. Ordered some locking tuners from Fender the other day and they just arrived this morning. I'm excited!
  17. Davey is out here punching babies! He ain't got time for your naivete!
  18. I've been usurped as board edgelord!
  19. I love her image! I'd love it even more naked!
  20. I love Avril. You people are apologist losers.
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