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  1. Speedo


    Looking for sloppy seconds?
  2. Speedo


    You can fight with @Kay over me!
  3. Speedo


    A ... Lab-read-dor ... eh? Eh? Get it?! Its the book thread?!
  4. Speedo


    I should be finishing up Inferno tonight and moving onto Purgatorio, I've been reading Divine Comedy pretty slow, trying to get a grasp of it. I didn't realize how fucking involved it is.
  5. I've been watching Hunters, it's pretty good!
  6. I was thinking of getting a bagel this morning.

    1. _Bagel


      I approve this message. Lather that thing in Lurpak!

  7. When I click the link it opens in my spotify app.
  8. The arrangement sucks and why the fuck is the refrain on a loop through the entire song?
  9. Yeah, pretty much, she's fucking smoking.
  10. Just watched Uncut Gems and I honestly didn't care much for it.
  11. Speedo

    The NHL thread

    I forgot to respond to this, I'm sorry. There are a couple of sports I've really been wanting to get into, hockey being the main one. I don't think I'll ever go back to cable again so I've been looking around for a good way to watch games but there doesn't really seem to be a viable option here. I read some shit about the NHL being super fucking shady about airing games and blacking out local games for viewers. As much as I would love to catch the games but I think I'm pretty much shit out of luck. $25 bucks a month for nhl tv is pretty steep for a sport I barely know and can't even catch the Dallas games on.
  12. Today I gambled on a fart and lost.

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    2. Speedo


      It's shit, alright!

    3. Russel Coight

      Russel Coight

      Clean yourself up, you’ll be right! No need to get down in the dumps about it.

    4. Speedo


      Hahahah! You win, you glorious son of a bitch!

  13. Speedo

    The NHL thread

    How do you catch your games?
  14. They played BatFest a few years ago in Austin and everyone ignored them.
  15. From what I hear, I've had better puddle of mudd covering my pants than that shitfest.
  16. Eh, it's just not for me, I won't shit on it though, Post Malone is obviously talented and I can't knock him for it. He did a pretty great job with that Nirvana tribute though, at least the songs I saw. My hat is off to him for that.
  17. I mean, fair enough. Personally, I'd rather spend the $1000 on a decent strat, I can wire it up to only the bridge pick up and volume knob and invadera are an easy enough installation. I guess, my concern is how the quality of the warmoth would compare to an actual strat of the same price, you know?
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