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  1. This whole album is great, can't pick just one song to share so here's all of it!
  2. Anytime Sting is mentioned I never NOT think of this:
  3. Forgot about him, is he still with the Vandals ... and every other band that's ever existed, apparently?
  4. Speedo

    um this is REAL.

    Why the clickbait title? Just put what it is.
  5. I don't remember a whole lot of trannies at school.
  6. Also, they didn't arrange it for acoustic
  7. I think most of the problem is Matt speeds up the chorus for no fucking reason.
  8. I don't want to now, I can't be controlled!
  9. You'll be guilted into listening to it and saying you enjoy it!
  10. Just for this I'm writing an entire acoustic album all played in power chords and I'm dedicating it to you.
  11. There's nothing wrong with power chords on an acoustic guitar.
  12. Tom at least played in time through his looney musing.
  13. This album is a little weird for me, the songs I enjoy I REALLY enjoy and listen often but the ones I hate I skip every time and won't even let them be background noise.
  14. My Uber driver today was Quincy, he's covered in prison tats but he was a solid dude and riffed with the best of 'em! 5 stars and a high tip for you, Quincy!

  15. Yeah, I can't say I ever paid attention or cared either.
  16. My friend, we shall call him Vegan Patty, convinced me to go to the MTX/Queers show in Austin on December 7th. It'll be my first real show since probably 2015 ... also my first ever sober show.
  17. In Remission is probably my all-time favorite from them, Good things is a close second and When You Died and Black Mass tie for 3rd.
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