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  1. Welcome to the Thunderdome! A few things ... You're not gonna get banned, pal, no worries. Oliver is a good friend of mine, he's just ... Oliver. We all shit on him, you have to he's a little broken inside. He's not a bad guy ... just a lunatic in a good way. Keeps this place entertaining. He definitely did not intentionally troll anyone with his youtube live stream, you'll understand why once you get used to him and things around here. Tom is the best ... Skiba is meh. Ghent is probably gonna shit on you, take it in stride. Tom raped him, he's bitter about it. Enjoy your time here in the nuthouse, hang out, have some fun, talk some shit and don't sweat pissing people off. My name is Speedo, you'll probably hate me at some point but that's okay. I'll rage quit again eventually and then come back nicer for a bit ... then comes the hate and rage quitting again. It's sort of my thing. Stick around, glad to have you.
  2. Did I now? Are you sure? I think Queen is great ... said so in the very thread, actually. You're making a lot of assumptions, pal, it'd be best if you stopped.
  3. I could love you. If you'd give me a chance I could love you so good.
  4. Good luck ... I'm still waiting on Brian May proving he's good enough to play Blink 182 songs.
  5. I challenge @Donald Trump's Bulge to Brian May off.
  6. He's intentionally fucking up? That's not just playing something different ... some of that isn't even in key or on scale!
  7. Fuuuuuuuuucccckkk yyyyyeeeeaahh! Elisa, you sexy ass bitch! I'm leaving my wife for you!
  8. This thread is gonna push me to 200 likes in a week. I'm killing it! Mr. Personality, I am! I'm a motivational speaker now.
  9. OliverConcedesToSpeedo is also a good choice.
  10. Cigar and victory bibs for everyone, Oliver concedes by his own logic. Lock this thread. Let's call it a day!
  11. So, you understand the flaw in your logic ... I honestly thought that was gonna take longer. So, to use your analogy against you (its honestly better my way) ... just because someone can change a tire doesn't mean its safe to assume they can build a car. I accept your surrender.
  12. You've not even addressed Brian May playing Blink songs. I can play Blink songs, I'm better than Brian May!
  13. I can play Chopsticks, I'm a concert pianist. Fuck you, Euphemia, you amateur. Knocked that shit out in like 5 minutes.
  14. It wasn't, it was clunky. You need find that Brian May plays Blink 182, video now.
  15. Oliver show me Brian May being able to play a Tom Delonge lead or riff and I'll concede the point and get on my hands and knees and beg forgiveness. @Donald Trump's Bulge
  16. The first bass line I ever learned and got down pat was Mike's on Longview ... I don't use it to bolster my imaginary bass virtuosity.
  17. You fucked up playing the m&ms lead in your stream. There, Tom wins.
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