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  1. It’s okay when the music is good. Plus, it’s probably just Mark’s parts.
  2. Songwriter, works mostly on pop music, I believe.
  3. The co-writer thing isn’t an issue for me as long as the songs are something I like. If they aren’t though, I’m gonna shit all over them.
  4. They literally said “hey, Tom’s back, we are a band again. We are going on tour and currently recording a record. Here’s a new song, it’s called Edging.” What part of that isn’t solid proof of them being a band again?
  5. No, the super loose beanie he used to wear.
  6. It’s alright, it’s was funnier when it came out. You’re not missing a whole lot.
  7. Nope. Tom uber Alles. You Markbots are about to witness Mark get cucked so hard when Tom enters the room and shows you how daddy gives it.
  8. It’ll just be something else for people to bitch about so it’s whatever.
  9. I wouldn’t mind something like that, I don’t think it’s terrible and it would work as a song to break the album up a bit.
  10. I’ve never even touched a resident evil game.
  11. Travis probably hit Mark. Daddy Tom is back home again and Mark’s insolence will not go unpunished. Travis will make sure his master is respected.
  12. That’s probably what the list Travis posted was for, yeah.
  13. To be fair, they haven’t really hyped it up. They announced being back together, they announced a grand tour, and they announced making an album. Tom said his usual “best songs we’ve ever written” spiel, Travis had some lame drum videos and I don’t recall Mark saying or doing anything. It’s been pretty radio silent this whole time. It’s the fans that are working themselves into a tizzy with theories and hypotheticals.
  14. I hope everyone angry about the wait is disappointed by the album. Severely disappointed. I’m talking, like, your own parent’s disappointment in you levels of disappointment.
  15. It’ll probably end up being a reworked and expanded version of the old BCR song. What BCR played live never really sounded like a full song, just sort of a basic idea.
  16. That’s fucking rad, it’s like 2002 all over again.
  17. Being a blink fan is like running a daycare with shitty children. Tom’s over there, being the weird kid, shitting in potted plants and eating glue. Travis is being a dickhead to everyone. Mark’s the teachers pet, always tattling on the other kids.
  18. This guy knows how to fuck a butt.
  19. I thought Hard At Work was just the name of the tour.
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