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  1. I’m 37, been a fan since the 90’s. All of you get the fuck off my lawn.
  2. @thongrider how do you treat your pig?
  3. Norwegians are nice so I’m sure they’re treated lovingly.
  4. I thought about it but I suck dick at fighting games. I felt like I’d just be wasting my money.
  5. Spider-Man 2 is a little glitchy but pretty fun.
  6. I wish you luck, bud. Share with us when you get it done.
  7. I’m downloading it now.
  8. You a gay fish, bro?
  9. Here in San Antonio?
  10. I’ve only ever been to a theme park here in San Antonio. We got Fiesta Texas and Sea World but that’s it.
  11. They can go to D&B when they learn to not suck at video games. It’s embarrassing and I won’t be seen in public with that inability on display.
  12. My kids want Chuck E Cheese for all of their birthdays. It was fine when I used to drink … it’s fucking miserable now. Although, they have an Autism Awareness night weekly where they turn the volume way down on everything and encourage everyone to be super quiet. It’s okay on those nights.
  13. I’m gonna take you to go ride roller coasters!
  14. @tjennis link is at the end of the video. They can’t ban it from media! fight the power, my friend!
  15. All you mods can d my a.

  16. That’s a movie I haven’t seen in a while! You got a link?
  17. Damn, you beat me to the joke!
  18. I was going to give you one but I got a warning from the mods threatening to ban me if I did. I’m sorry.
  19. Well, I think a community b-day is a grand idea! Woot. Let’s have a party!
  20. Reddit has fallen for our trolls twice now within weeks of each other … they aren’t the brightest bunch.
  21. Little did he know you’re the king of flame … look up “flamer” in the dictionary and you know what you’ll see?! The fucking definition of you!
  22. I don’t care for it, honestly. I get what they were going for but it’s just not my thing. They can’t all be winners.
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