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  1. "Co-wrote" is just another word for "being in the room when the song was written" ... just like Blink "cowrote" Nine.
  2. I don't hear it, just sounds like generic skate punk to me.
  3. Weezer needs to calm the fuck down.
  4. I haven't seem those yet, didn't know they existed ... outside the guy who found his niche turning Blink into pop country. Hopefully Jesus will continue to spare me.
  5. I was just never a massive Offspring fan ... I didn't go past Americana.
  6. You know what I don't miss from the Tom era? Those shitty ass generic "what if this song from Neighborhoods was written for Enema" videos. I hope all those shitty bands broke up and their dogs ran away.
  7. It's not too far off musically from Bad Religion.
  8. All I hear in the chorus is a mix of Fire Water Burn and Roots Radical.
  9. Someone reposted it recently if I remember correctly, I'll see if I can find it for you.
  10. The one with the fat kid who looked super proud of himself?
  11. He probably doesn't have anything bad to say, not every departure results I'm bad blood. Scott didn't like the direction band was moving in, I don't think he was particularly upset about it.
  12. I remember watching that when it came on! I'm old!
  13. Nicely done, Kay! Congrats on all the hard work and progress!
  14. I thought I was the only Wire fan here! This is one of my favorites:
  15. And that world is a big ol' ball of fucking disappointment.
  16. Dix

    LJG fans

    This song is the first song that Laura has featured on that hasn't fucking sucked!
  17. I did and it's been a lot better this time, although, I've been playing the hell out if Mario Maker 2 lately so there hasn't been a lot of game play on BotW lately.
  18. Used to watch all of those, didn't think they were all that obscure, they were on major networks. Oblongs are closest though, it's pretty niche on Adult Swim. You know what show I loved that got shit on by FX? Terriers.
  19. Found a good one for about $1100, that's probably gonna be the route I go. I'm gonna start looking for Apple discount codes, lol.
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