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  1. NeverOliver


    If Jarjar and I say the game is better now, must be a reason right?
  2. NeverOliver


    I guess maybe if you just like physicality, but there's hockey for that. Otherwise, you can give me Steph, Dame and Luka shooting from the logos over bigs with their back to the basket for 22 seconds taking 14 footers.
  3. NeverOliver


    You prefer the 87-79 games of the 90’s?
  4. Kill Feldman, fuck Matt, marry Scott.
  5. NeverOliver


    Just saw on Reddit that OKC has unprotected control of the Clippers 1sts in 22, 23, 24, 25 and 26. So we both win with the Warriors getting Leonard!
  6. NeverOliver


    Clippers get swept and Kawhii comes to the Warriors
  7. Are you paying any attention? He’s a massive doucher
  8. Petition to make this the official Danny Elfman thread
  9. NeverOliver


    I guess as an NFT it’s kind of compared to crypto more than stocks? Not super sure. But yup, a lil 4 second clip you can get on YouTube for free.
  10. NeverOliver


    You guys in to NBA Top Shot? Trying to get the hang of it, was able to buy the $14 pack this weekend and make $150 in a couple hours. Just bought a Steph 2327/35k for $99
  11. My best memory of seeing them for the first time was the singer sucking his spit out of the microphone and spitting it back out lol
  12. That was the MySpace Secret Show. I was at that one too. I was something like 123rd in line and they allowed 125 in. The show that was officially part of the tour with the Matches was at The Fillmore.
  13. Yup. Opening for +44 in San Francisco was my introduction to them.
  14. Shawn announced the other day there’s a new Matches album coming and I can die happy.
  15. https://www.dragonwagonradio.com/hsne Shawn Harris of the Matches talks about working with producer Mark at around 30:00-36:00
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