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  1. Oliver and not believing women. Name a more iconic duo.
  2. Someone get that man a guitar
  3. Not nearly as bad, and at least you can say Mark is in a pickle with his already established love and relationship with Travis. This was “Oh this guy seems like an absolute piece of shit...I’d love to collaborate with him!”
  4. Based on values Mark himself publicly expresses, I don’t think it’s much to ask of him to not willingly collaborate with a guy who beat women.
  5. NeverOliver


    We should make this a Warriors thread tbh
  6. blink-182 with Matt isn't blink-182 and also where the hell is Matt in this collaboration, it's supposed to be blink-182!
  7. NeverOliver


    Yeah that 4 game sample really proved it. I'm sure he would have kept shooting 25% from 3 and the Warriors were going to win 25% of their games this year. Yup. Totally Curry led 2 playoff runs with David Lee as the 2nd best player on the team, led by shit ass Mark Jackson, when Curry wasn't anywhere near the player he is now. And what the hell does "without his system" even mean? Same system. Worse players, but same system.
  8. Oliver can sign Brian May's autograph better than he can
  9. I've literally seen every episode of Seinfeld 20+ times and still laugh at tons of it.
  10. NeverOliver


    Starting lineup tonight - Ky Bowman, Jordan Poole, Glenn Robinson, Eros Paschall, Willie Cauley-Stein
  11. Seinfeld > Arrested Development > Always Sunny No other sitcoms are in that tier
  12. NeverOliver


    This has "Spurs tanking for Tim Duncan" written all over it
  13. Nah you can. It's got some of the most hilarious kills I've ever seen
  14. The newest Puppet Master is AWESOME
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