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  1. NeverOliver


    Keldon Johnson, $30. Joel Embiid in a much more limited release? $50. Baseball has a bad case of that as well. Bowman comes out and every damn 1st rounder is worth a fortune. Random high school long shot taken 17th overall? $300. Paul Goldschmidt right now? $125.
  2. NeverOliver


    Man the Curry and Giannis are found money, I'd sell. But I'm really bad at holding things, I always just want my money back as money leaves my hand. The Zion hype is so wild. I like Zion, but what is his peak, Blake Griffin? The hobby didn't give a shit about Blake Griffin and he played in LA. I had an outstanding Kobe auto redemption when he died that they just replaced with a special pack that had an exclusive Kobe in it. I opened because it had been so long since I opened a pack and turns out the packs were like $3k out of the gate. But I did hit a Ja I sold for $1500 and the Kob
  3. NeverOliver


    I was into cards as a kid, and got back into it for a few years to scratch my gambling itch after mostly giving gambling up. Not even really into collecting, just enjoy opening packs. Hopefully making money but expecting to lose it. I bought about $10K worth of 2018-19 to keep sealed as an investment. Shortly after I did, It seemed pretty clear that they printed them to the moon so I figured meh, I love opening them anyways, so I'll just have my fun and sell them. Now, even if I had kept them sealed, there's no way I wouldn't have sold them by now anyways, but that $10K would be
  4. NeverOliver


    Winner of that trade was Cleveland getting Allen for a pick at the end of the 1st
  5. My favorite part of any blink song in in All of This Mark gets a little louder each chorus. I’d like to know whose idea that was!
  6. Some people I’ve spoken to invested because TTSA showed the drawing of the UFO like spaceship and promised to build it. Imagine investing because you thought Tom Delonge was on the brink of inventing intergalactic travel. For wasn't it like $200 million or something?
  7. Blink and public perception live rent free in Billie Joe’s head.
  8. This discussion inspired me to listen to Green Day’s latest album. “I was a teenage teenager full of piss and vinegar” Freakin yikes.
  9. “My camera broke” Oh Oli. Sad sad Oli.
  10. At the entrance of the castle there is a sun on the floor. After I forget how many stars, but not many, there will be a beam of light shining from the ceiling. Stand on the sun and look up at the light.
  11. NeverOliver


    So they shouldn’t do anything and continue to get buttfucked by the police without consequence, got it
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