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  1. I'm having a hard time reconciling the cards, coins and collecting of things. Also can you only do online campaigns? I just want to kill some zombies with AI partners, I dont need everything else.
  2. I haven't given it much of a chance yet, but super underwhelmed by Back 4 Blood
  3. NeverOliver


    Obviously a good player. Also obviously crazy and something crazy happening was pretty inevitible. Also obviously Steph is better.
  4. NeverOliver


    Imagine choosing to play with him over Steph though
  5. NeverOliver


    Preorder the $100 version from GameStop and it comes with a Durant bobble head! You guys excited for Jordan Poole yet?
  6. NeverOliver


    That gd knucklehead
  7. I mean she said she was a homosexual but she never explicitly said she wasn't trans so maybe you're still right!
  8. There was an interview with Mark and Tom in the 09-11 era where they both said they had recently spoken to Scott
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