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  1. Didn't even show off his DVD copy of Scarface
  2. Yeah you guys but did you hear that bit at the end about fucking the guys dad? CLASSIC Tom
  3. Really looking forward to the Delongeverse
  4. NeverOliver


    Coasting and flipping the switch was acceptable for the Durant Warriors. This team does not have that margin for error. They’re going to find themselves blowing a 3-1 lead and going man sure wish we tried in game 5.
  5. NeverOliver


    Seems like for the entire Kerr era the Warriors routinely fall behind early in playoff games, so I’m pretty used to it. Early on Memphis pushed the lead to 12ish and I texted a friend that we weren’t going to win this one. The lack of effort was evident immediately, which I find prettttty infuriating
  6. $750 gets you first chance to buy stuff, 10% off when you buy stuff (exclusions apply) and exclusive things to buy lol
  7. NeverOliver


    Watch the games, we’ll talk
  8. NeverOliver


    I think pretty highly of Memphis but I’d be shocked at this point if the Warriors don’t win the series. I like the Suns too but needing 6 to beat the Pels and at least 6 to beat the Mavs is a pretty rough look.
  9. NeverOliver


    The truth is that I would love to have a conversation on this series, or basketball in general, with Jan. But whether it’s trolling, or a complete lack of knowledge or likely both, it just isn’t in the cards.
  10. NeverOliver


    I can’t believe JP would rip Morant’s knee cap off with his bare hands like that.
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