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  1. NeverOliver


    This anti Jewish stuff coming from pro athletes, whether directly or through silence is really depressing.
  2. Anybody get shipping confirmation on DED yet?
  3. NeverOliver


    In 49 Finals games he has averaged 28/10/8/2/1 with 3 Finals MVP’s and beat the 73 win Warriors.
  4. NeverOliver


    The better I make him out to be the better 3 titles in 4 years looks! I hate Lebron. I think he’s a bitch and his whining to the league about being slapped in the shorts cost us a shot at 4 titles in a row. I just don’t think you can argue with his resume.
  5. NeverOliver


    16 seasons virtually never injured with averages of 27/7.4/7.4/1.5/.0.8 what a bust
  6. NeverOliver


    There is no argument that he isn't top 3
  7. Crazy it took them that long to capitalize on free money
  8. Definitely agree with you. There's definitely money being left in the table with a lack of marketing and endorsing themselves. I thought Macbeth Studio Projects were a fantastic idea, but Macbeth just wasn't a big enough brand.
  9. Travis is doing a mail in signing with Sports Authentics USA
  10. NeverOliver


    I've earned the last 5 seasons
  11. NeverOliver


    The NBA is back with no Warriors, the NHL with no Sharks and baseball is being baseball. Fantastic
  12. NeverOliver


    And claims about never saying he didn't want Isiah Thomas on the Dream Team. Acting like getting everyone to return for another year was possible might have been a lie too
  13. The issue is that he’s using blink. He used blink as an active member 09-15 and he’s using blink after quitting on them a second time.
  14. "She just knew me from the guy from that band [that she's loved for 20 years.]"
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