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  1. You habitually talk about how far your fandom goes back
  2. I have zero interest in the type of music Wayne performs, so that's my issue with his inclusion. I would assume that's the issue with most complaints, but I definitely don't remember this kind of backlash playing with Bubba Sparx which is at least a little curious.
  3. Sorry you let people having fun get to you. Sorry you put yourself in a situation you knew you’d be miserable. I’m a people hater. Virtually everyone annoys me. The difference is that I consider this a me problem while you consider it a them problem.
  4. He’s just projecting his erectile dysfunction. Probably can’t get hard any more, so he pretends he always is.
  5. There’s the psychopath we all know and don’t really love and kinda just tolerate because he’s a board veteran and we feel bad for him.
  6. “I don’t think taking a picture with that lady means they’re having sex” Oliver: lol you don’t think that people actually have sex!?
  7. You sure date the funniest women. First bing bong and now this.
  8. Lol “pay to play” It’s a blink-182 lead single. The quality of the song doesn’t matter, it’s going to be played on the radio.
  9. OliversAPilotNow


    “Rivalry” they said. 4-0 the last 5 years
  10. Or maybe people just don't have a stick up their ass and can enjoy it
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