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  1. The guest voice is going to be Halsey
  2. Forgot about the song but God help me I still like it
  3. OliversAPilotNow


    Mah 80's defense!
  4. Got tickets for SF for $35 after fees. They ended up selling out in a couple minutes. VIP was an additional $80 for a meet and greet which I passed on.
  5. Handful of tour dates announced on twitter and IG
  6. OliversAPilotNow


    I don't know how Kings fans put up with his whining for 6 years because I've dealt with it a month and it is tiresome. I think the difference between he and Draymond is that Draymond gets fired up. Cousins looks like he might burst into tears at any given moment.
  7. I can usually put together a few right answers in an episode, but man when they have preteens on I dominate them.
  8. OliversAPilotNow


    Bogut come home bby
  9. OliversAPilotNow


    Verdict is still out on Cousins, but the Warriors don’t have too much star power because of the system and their unselfishness. Throwing out a random all star team might now always work. The Warriors do.
  10. OliversAPilotNow


    Well without KD we get a godamn shot up when we’re up 4 with the ball and 40 seconds left.
  11. It's literally impossible to beat without a map. Unless you think placing bombs on every square inch is fair.
  12. Yeah the Lost Levels. It's freaking relentless. I can't believe it can be beaten without saves.
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