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  1. I think Mark kind of struggled with it vocally. I believe Black Rain would’ve been elevated if Matt did those verses with his intensity.
  2. Well yeah, that’s kinda obvious. I would argue that even Tom sounds better than Mark at this point.
  3. Any recent news on that Quarantine song? I’ve been reading all the old threads due to the lack of drama.
  4. Cynical Bored to Death Pin The Grenade Sober Left Alone On Some Emo Shit Heaven Black Rain Long Lost Feeling No Heart to Speak Of Last Train Home Remember to Forget Me I tried to make it gradually flow from more upbeat blink to more moody blink. I would swap the order of Black Rain and Heaven to have Black Rain lead off the “darker” side (pun?) but Heaven and Long Lost Feeling have the same BTD-style riff in the beginning.
  5. Speaking of concerts...someone re-uploaded the Firefly 2016 festival. It’s kinda funny how we thought Matt would open up more over the years but I honestly think the chemistry is way better here than recent shows. You can actually hear Matt’s guitar in the mix as well and it sounds way better (outside of the infamous Carousel solo...). Always loved the pre-California tour shows with Matt.
  6. It’s not even his voice or the octave he was singing in, I actually liked hearing his lower octave since it’s kinda rare. It’s just the melody and overall rhythm was awkward and it sounded like he was just singing random lines to finish out a demo, which makes more sense after what NotNow mentioned. May also be a mixing issue but I haven’t listened to it that much yet.
  7. I like the overall vibe of the song but Tom’s vocal melody/rhythm is very awkward throughout and doesn’t really work until the last chorus.
  8. Digging Miley’s harmonies more than the original but the verses being flip-flopped is odd - glad they fixed that in the “blink” version.
  9. Based off the short preview we have of Miley’s delivery on the song, I’m definitely intrigued. I still like the song with blink on vocals, but with Miley, it sounds way more appropriate just being a full on pop song than being disguised as this weird pop/rock hybrid it’s obviously not.
  10. I’m just skimming but Matt seems to actually have a personality in this rather than saying the same few things over again which is nice. The Tom section wasn’t even that bad and I like how the interviewer actually brought Matt into the conversation instead of awkwardly sidelining him like everyone else.
  11. I hope Derek is still recording with them, considering he won’t be able to make it for the next tour.
  12. That’s the best part lmao.
  13. Yeah I absolutely love RTFM but that is a cringy boy-band lyric right there. Actually laughed the first time I heard it.
  14. I’m just wondering why there was even a Tom backing track in the first place, regardless if anybody could hear it or not.
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