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  1. They played Mutt with Matt at the residency shows.
  2. It’s probably the same dilemma as his previous writer’s block.
  3. That’s what I heard from Feldmann, but didn’t really believe it because it sounded too California compared to the “trash-pop” Mark claims SP is, but I thought it sounded good, so all power to them. Feldy also sent a DM saying it was his but I think people agreed it was fishy and debunked it but I’m not sure.
  4. Honestly a little scared about this release, we have heard absolutely no snippet at all for this album (not counting random drum tracks from Travis). Last album we had several videos of Mark doing vocal takes, basslines, along with the infamous Cynical video of Matt. The only thing we had so far was a clip that Feldy accidentally left the sound on that could hypothetically be for blink, based on his reactions to cover it up once it spreaded. But who knows, maybe it’s not for blink after all or it got scrapped (I think it “leaked” before all the producers came in, but hopefully they kept that track in some form). Someone mentioned that they might be using these producers just to get some radio hits and having some experimental deep cuts for the rest of us. At least they are doing something different for once, although this is risky approach. Hopefully blink does not go the FOB/P!ATD route, and if they do make a pop record, it’s an actual decent pop record (although I don’t know what the producers are capable of for producing this blink album). Like someone said here, it’s concerning to not see Matt there with the rest of the band as frequent as the other members. Either Mark and Travis are scared shitless or they know it’s going to be something genuinely special. They’ve been hearing all the complaints of the Cali era since the day it dropped and even acknowledged it, so hopefully they took it into account. Would like to hear Matt’s opinion on the record considering he’s probably the most unbiased source that have right now, and I don’t believe he overhypes things as much as Mark or Travis (or even Tom) do.
  5. Wonder if Mark will have any of his own choruses? So far Alex has took charge of the chorus in both of the songs released. In Drug, Mark was only in the first verse and half of the second verse.
  6. Didn’t know ‘97 was in 6/8. I just watched a live video and Matt said it was the first song they ever wrote, which is even funnier.
  7. Mark and Travis wrote Lillian so technically it’s not even new to them. Maybe Matt? I don’t know any ALK3 songs that are in 6/8.
  8. A pretty cool pop song. Interesting instrumentation with nice melodies and Mark/Alex actually work better together in this song compared to Drug. However, it’s still awkward when Alex comes in after Mark instead of Matt since this is not blink (Mark’s higher notes in this sound like Matt at times lol) but their voices surprisingly blend well together. Overall I’m surprisingly pleased. I hope Drug is just the dud compared to the rest of the songs they release.
  9. Nah it’s just Untitled recorded with Matt and Feldy production.
  10. I watched that Pursuit of Tone documentary the other day and for a second he seems like a normal guy and then he posts shit like this.
  11. Yeah I considered GOTDF but I believe you can nail the riff without the delay. It sounds pretty dry in the song. It’s just ironic that we would complain about Tom bringing the AVA effects to blink when he really only did it in about 2-3 songs. The rest of them were just synth driven. PLG’s guitar riff is Tom’s best use of a delay pedal outside of The Adventure IMO.
  12. Has there been any blink songs other than Disaster or PLG where Tom uses a delay effect?
  13. Guess he’s gonna off himself.
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