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  1. It has to be that thing that surfaced a week ago, it’s probably just some interlude section in the song tbh.
  2. Anything that has the words “Pharrell Williams” and “happy” in the same sentence does not sound like a good thing lol
  3. I love Matt’s awkward look of contemplation lol I just hope we get at least one great album with Mark, Matt, and Travis, it shouldn’t be that hard. They’re all great songwriters (usually)/musicians. I hope Matt’s full potential is actually used in this record, although his absence is causing doubt.
  4. Funny because he lost a good amount of weight since that Weenie Roast show, I thought his face looked too thin there but now he looks broader than usual. I hope something comes up with this, you can hear a bit of Matt when Travis stops playing and it sounds like the bridge of BOTO. I think this was around the Feldy sessions. There was another video of some random guy doing some falsetto vocals in Feldy’s studio for a blink song that could be pretty chill, but I don’t know. We have no actual clips of anything to go off of.
  5. https://instagram.com/mattmalpass?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=1lq33xw5fiyc2 In this guy’s story, there’s a drum clip and about two seconds of background music after Mark messes up a vocal take. I hear some weird sample but I’m grasping at straws here.
  6. Sounds like a +44 riff blinkified. Reminded me a bit of Baby Come On’s bridge.
  7. It has that TOYPAJ/BtD tone and style of riff blink has been doing for the last couple of years, but it does sound like an outro based on the drums (very No-Future-esque).
  8. Yeah I couldn’t really picture blink burying the hatchet as it is without any involvement of Tom, but didn’t really picture much possibilities in the future (unless the next album proves us wrong). Also forgot that Mark has a side project now so he has to use that $$$ to fuel it as well.
  9. Based off that banter, I would not be surprised if blink hangs it up soon after the upcoming album. Seems Mark is having more fun and Alex easily plays off of it. This is probably what everyone expected from Matt and Mark when he first joined. I don’t blame Matt, he’s an introvert out of his atmosphere, but obviously the era has yet to go anywhere entirely promising. I’m not even a big fan of SC’s music, but you can tell the banter and drive is there. Sad.
  10. Did not think AVA was interesting until TDW came out. The Love albums were basically two repeats of the same material and got old quick. Ilan is the best thing to happen to that band since its birth.
  11. I’ve been revisiting How to Live. It’s a pretty chill pop song that sounds like it could be played while nightdriving. Only complaints is that I sometimes don’t understand what Gaskarth is saying and that it’s repetitive (it’s pop so it gets a pass). I really like how near the end of the song, Mark’s lower vocals are upfront while his higher vocals are in the background. I hope they do that with the new blink album, his higher voice is starting to give due to age but he still retains his somber deep voice. I think it suits him more.
  12. jlx9

    Skiba or Gaskarth

    Pretty much Crimson/Agony & Irony are good contenders.
  13. That’s different. Surprised Mark hasn’t gotten a solo song yet since Alex basically did on Adrenaline. Maybe How to Live?
  14. I know you’re optimistic but that isn’t helping lmao
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