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  1. You posted IRWIHY twice, here’s BIOMY. That’s the best performance of that song I’ve ever seen lmao. lol at IRWIHY being played at warp speed
  2. Kind of liked the melodic touches Matt added at the end of the verses in Feeling This.
  3. I thought the moment when Matt went spastic in the bridge of ATST for whoever to adjust his monitors was funny.
  4. Damn you all bitched when he sounded too much like Mark or when he screamed 24/7 on California but suddenly it’s bad when he sounds more like himself on NINE. Dude kicked ass on Black Rain and he should’ve soloed the entire song. Mark’s verses could’ve taken the song to the next level with Matt’s tone and aggression. Matt’s vocal performance was absolutely solid and stole the spotlight from Mark numerous times on this album.
  5. That’s my favorite part of the entire song. I love Mark’s voice like that.
  6. I honestly like Tom’s newer voice more when he’s actually consistent with it. The slight pitch correction definitely helped. He sounds great on the newer songs.
  7. Yeah I know, but I agree if they’re gonna compromise like that then mix Ilan higher because it’s just awkward.
  8. Love that song but I wish Tom would do the higher notes in the chorus instead of taking it down. There are some other guitar parts playing on a backing track that I wish Tom would just play live since he doesn’t play his guitar here. Still glad it’s being played live because it’s one of my favorite AVA songs and he does sound solid on it except for the thing I noted above. The drum outro also works within the song.
  9. It’s so fucking refreshing to hear Tom (and his guitar) sound great live. The show may have used a bit of pitch-correction, because he sounds too good on this set. Regardless, I’m happy for him. Sad he let the crowd sing most of Rebel Girl, I love hearing him sing it live.
  10. I Really Wish I Hated You (you guys suck for voting for RTFM ?)
  11. jlx9

    2019 Tour Thread

    It was probably updating mid stream.
  12. jlx9

    2019 Tour Thread

    They need to play more new songs, I know it’s a greatest hits show but damn I’m tired of hearing the same old songs over and over.
  13. jlx9

    2019 Tour Thread

    I watched the stream, they did. Plus the setlist says it has as well. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/blink-182/2019/petco-park-san-diego-ca-139c05f5.html
  14. jlx9

    2019 Tour Thread

    Darkside sounded decent.
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