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  1. I don’t know if it’s because there’s an “action” video to go to it, but does it not sound better there than the other clips? I’m probably making it up but it sounds like 5% better on the video and not as drowned out. I don’t know, it’s also less obvious when it’s through phone speakers. Cool little video. I like Mark with glasses.
  2. jlx9

    2019 Tour Thread

    Matt’s voice works especially well with acoustic shows. His voice at the Kingston show they did a couple of years ago was phenomenal. Also helps when he’s not singing out of his range either.
  3. jlx9

    2019 Tour Thread

    BIOMY still doesn’t do it for me. I figured that it was going to be out of their range when it first dropped. I know Mark’s voice has been weak in the latter years but why is he so quiet here?
  4. Mark took a picture of the set and captioned “GD” 3 days ago.
  5. jlx9

    2019 Tour Thread

    Mark’s old P-Bass and Matt’s new red Jaguar. One of the best stage designs they had in a while if it’s permanent.
  6. jlx9

    2019 Tour Thread

    Haha it’s “properly mixed” but yeah Mark should’ve done that in the studio when Matt started.
  7. I hope I interpreted this right, but I think the drum clip with Travis is definitely GD. You can hear Matt’s line and the drums match up to the track. #BOJMIR is also a part of the poster. I hope not, they kind of dug themselves a hole right now with whatever they’re trying to do for this next album. Have them release a EP in the middle of it would probably cause more confusion. They said that no song sounds the same so this being on the new album along with BIOMY is possible. BIOMY still sounds like a separate single since they didn’t do an album announcement as usual when it released.
  8. Thanks. I can see it, whether it is Matt or not recording the guitar, I still felt like it had that modern-Goldfinger/Feldy style during the little break in the song where Travis goes nuts. I’ll say one thing however, the beginning of that song definitely sounds like Matt. It’s just chords, but I haven’t heard anything of that during the California sessions. I honestly can’t think of ALK3 songs that go at this speed to get the feel (Jaked on Green Beers, Cringe?), but it sounds like a more intense version of DED, and that song alone was a great mix of ALK3/+44.
  9. I still wish it was longer. This is probably their most solid instrumental they’ve had out of this era and it’s over by the time it starts. They could’ve at least made it 2min.
  10. Now let’s hold our horses here lol. I was just wondering because it seemed like it would be very easy to write it now since it’s so short and mostly repetitive (except Matt’s part), but it’s only Mark’s part that would have any correlation and I don’t think they would go that far in response. I figured GD was a thing before BIOMY anyways so it’s not the case. No harm just fun speculation.
  11. Hey, @Ry-Bread. I think you were the first one to report about the beginnings of the phrase Generational Divide. Was it before or after BIOMY was released (May 8th)?
  12. Yeah I’ll give you that. I had in mind that they were likely going for the punk effect but the way it’s mixed, drowning everything out doesn’t sit well with me, I don’t know. I don’t know where Reddit got this from or if it’s a final version so maybe the music video will have Matt properly mixed.
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