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  1. The Chainsmokers and blink-182 (aka Mark and Travis) played a new song called “PS: I Hope You’re Happy” at The Forum tonight. Apparently it’s coming out next weekend according to this IG post. Most of the footage actually featuring Mark and Travis is on blink’s IG story. EDIT: Travis’ story has most of it.
  2. Damn dude I just reacted a comment, like everyone else. You’re starting a flame war over a motherfucking hat.
  3. Does Alkaline Trio use a click track live?
  4. What a great interview that gave some insight into the new album and actually acknowledged the other member of the band.
  5. Yeah I agree, but considering Goody Grace was already singing and playing guitar and Mark barely had a feature, I guess there wasn’t enough room for three singers. Still could’ve had him in the music video and acted like he was apart of it. Mark should’ve had the second verse and Matt could’ve probably done the bridge (although I like Mark’s voice on this song).
  6. Imagine Tom commenting that on every blink post 😂
  7. Anybody else think Mark’s part sounds similar to that clip from Feldmann’s studio? Maybe not as similar now listening to it again, but considering this never saw the light of day (yet), I wonder if Mark just revamped the melody for this feature. It’s probably a stretch or Mark just reuses melodies.
  8. Most likely a brand decision because “Goody Grace (feat. Mark Hoppus & Travis Barker)” wouldn’t sell as well but considering how much Matt is still treated like an outsider, it doesn’t really matter at this point. blink-182 is pretty much the Mark and Travis show now. I guess that Goody Grace guy plays guitar so he took the lead and considering how Mark is barely even featured, there probably wasn’t enough room for Matt anyways.
  9. Nice little track but Mark doesn’t really show up until the end so it’s weird that’s it’s a blink feature. I guess Travis played drums on this track....aaannnnnd you already know Matt wasn’t involved.
  10. Damn, forgot about that great song.
  11. jlx9

    2019 Tour Thread

    Yeah I’m taking back my funny banter comment, that just looks fucking awkward. Actually thought Matt played there since it sounded like his live clean tone. He’s fine playing in Alkaline Trio, but what’s his deal here? “They’re not his songs” yadayadayada I get it, but they’re not fucking hard. There’s barely anything to this song that he apparently wrote but they keep managing to fuck it up live, usually at the beginning. They should just retire it but it seems like it’s the biggest single outside of Darkside. This is what happens when you create a song made for radio-play with too many cooks involved.
  12. jlx9

    2019 Tour Thread

    Mark’s voice sounded nice for a second when they were attempting the verse...and then yeah...but other than that, there was at least some solid banner from the group after butchering the song twice. On another note, I’m glad they played Skulls again. We only have one shitty video from Skiba’s first show of it. I’m glad they dressed up. They look snazzy.
  13. I didn’t get what he meant by “riffs” in BIOMY. The only melodic things - instrumental-wise, are the opening synth line and I assume the chorus guitar line in the verse.
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