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  1. Yeah Joe is not hiding the fact that he is really skeptical. this is actually pretty awesome to watch and see how Tom responds to Joe's skepticism.
  2. well im out of this piece of shit radio station Someone tell me when travis is there please lol
  3. i was listening and from what the host said "travis will be here in 45 mins" and the new "blink record in 15" so I think they will play the song first.
  4. Seriously though, does anyone listen to this kind of music? If it weren't for new blink I wouldn't be sitting through all this awful music. lol
  5. Lmao "Curly Popeye" that had me dying.
  6. Yeah, iv'e noticed that about Adams song's lyrics because of people posting it online but I would have never noticed if I didn't see it. I don't like Nirvana that much either. I only know their "radio songs" and they get annoying to me.
  7. I would be really shocked if this Scott Raynor impersonator posted again, I actually want him to post again so he can get banned. haha
  8. Damn right im here for the ride, haha. #ToTheStars
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