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  1. Yea it didn’t strike me as my sort of thing either. I didn’t laugh at all but I tried to fake laugh to make my gf feel better lol
  2. My gf just me introduced me to this guy. I didn’t really find him funny at all but maybe I gotta watch some more
  3. You’re right I really gotta poop
  4. You’re making things up in your head. I dont buy into the marketing. That has zero to do with anything. You can think that I bought into it all you want, I didn’t and I don’t. But by all means go ahead and feel superior by thinking that Diddy Faplord was duped into believing blink was some DIY punk rock band with street cred lol. I view blink as a guilty pleasure for myself. I personally still didn’t expect another fan of them to make fun of someone else for making fun of pop music. So to me, that was ironic. Maybe not to you, but who cares. I’m done arguing about it. Cheers
  5. Not aggressive, you’re just clearly being a fucking nerd right now. You’re the one coming off pretentious and caring about cred with all the shit you said about blink, as if I didn’t already know. Go read the definition of irony and tell me how I was wrong. Until then, I can only assume you can’t read
  6. How’s that? You just can’t admit when you’re wrong can you? At least I can do that. But Look at that definition, assuming you can read, and tell me how the fuck what I said was ironic was not ironic? Go ahead, make a logical explanation you fucking nerd. It was surely ironic to me, I didn’t expect it. I didn’t need your little history lesson on blink, everyone already knows all of that shit is true and it doesn’t change anything I said. You must be fucking miserable and stressed out, changing diapers and not getting laid again by the wife yet lol. Hope you have a better day I’m not entertaining your smart ass anymore on this subject, you’re clearly wrong and when presented with a hard definition, you retort to weak personal attacks. Typical…and pathetic
  7. I actually don’t appreciate it from either of you. I never said I was better than anyone, never said anything about credibility. Just because I like blink doesn’t mean I can’t say what I want about other pop trash. And it’s not my fault you can’t comprehend what I was saying and that you don’t understand the definition of irony.
  8. Yes you are. I’m referencing people like you who gave her shit years ago saying her use of “Ironic” wasn’t accurate. Well here’s a definition for you smart guy: So nope, I didn’t expect a fan of a band that makes fun of pop artists to make fun of me for making fun of pop artists. So yes, the definition of irony fits here. But according to you, I should have in fact expected to be made fun of for my comments in this place?Nothing you said was at all ever relevant to anything I said. Now drop it I’m not spending my day arguing with someone who is neglecting their diaper duties
  9. You asked me why I wasn’t as big as blink yesterday and this was your follow up. Don’t play dumb
  10. I just saw it today. I don’t know how you can even look at speedos comments and think they’re relevant to anything I ever posted
  11. Like I said, go write Alanis Morisette a letter. I don’t give a fuck that you’re confused about the meaning of irony
  12. Sorry I’m not as celebrated as you and your band. Maybe you should ask yourself why YOU aren’t as big as blink.
  13. No, I don’t believe that at all actually. I know everything about blink that’s being said is true. I’ve known that for years. I certainly don’t think the music people listen to makes them a good person or not, or better or not than any other person. That’s hogwash. Doesn’t mean I can’t talk shit about pop radio of today and any time period. Blinks image and background has nothing to do with the simple fact that I did the same thing yesterday that they’ve done many times (make fun of pop artists), and got made fun of for it. I wasn’t even complaining about being made fun of for it, wasn’t mad at Ghent I was just having fun. Then you guys gotta come in and make it about some whole other shit that I was never on, so whatever. Have fun
  14. I do get it. You fucking dweeb, I’ve stated that fifty times now. I understood that long before you ever came into my life. That has nothing to do with the irony of one person being a fan of a group who makes fun of pop artists, and never gripes about blink doing it, but yet at the same time griping about me doing it. That’s the irony. Whether you wanna call it true irony who cares, this was never about blinks credibility or anyone else. Sorry that I don’t like shitty popular music that’s on the radio! If you wanna go cry about the definition of irony then go write Alanis Morisette a letter
  15. When did I ever say they weren’t? Never came out of my mouth. That’s not the point it never was . You guys are being the pretentious self righteous one, not me
  16. I’m smarter on weed than you are sober. That is the definition of irony so maybe go read the dictionary. It’s funny how I get attacked when trying to do exactly what you’re doing now but yet you are making an argument out of nothing, bring up irrelevant topics, and when I lay that out there you revert back to “oh, well that’s just not irony.” Followed by a weak ass jab at weed smoking, because you got nothing else. Maybe you should pay more attention to your 3 young kids than being on this site all day?
  17. Also, for anyone doubting the extent of how blink felt about or made fun of boy bands, go to 2:18 in this interview. Tom even name drops Backstreet Boys and 98 Degrees, says they suck and he can’t understand why anybody likes them. All I had to do was type “Mark Hoppus Tom DeLonge interview 1999” on YouTube and this was in literally the first video that comes up. The same sentiment is echoed in many different interviews from that time period, scattered about on YouTube. They said this shit so many times and really felt that these boy bands and pop artists were lame. Yet y’all wanna act like they only made fun of them once in a music video smh.
  18. I just used their name because they were probably the biggest one, or the poster boys for pop music at that time so to speak. Immediately upon reading your comment, I recorded this 50 second bit specifically for you. I would have made it perfect but I had to start work and couldn’t take multiple takes. I hope this will allow you to forgive me:
  19. They made fun of them at countless shows and in interviews. I know you didn’t discover blink until later so I forgive you. That’s besides the point, I was just having a light conversation with you anyways, I’m not telling you what to listen to and it doesn’t matter to me. I know you love T Swift and I still love ya! Speedo just came running in acting like he came running in to save the day and educate everyone on how blink is really just a pop band and was marketed to teens lolz
  20. Nope but you’re ridiculous. The point always was Ghent, a fan of a band (blink) who makes fun of pop artists , made fun of another person for making fun of pop artists. There is irony there. Whether or not blink is pop as well has absolutely nothing to do with my statement or the irony. The same thing could be said about Eminem, he was absolutely a pop artist. Yet he still made a lot of fun of other pop artists, so it would be equally stupid for a fan of his to make fun of someone else for ripping on pop artists. The end. Sorry you felt like you needed to argue about something yesterday, I’ve been there. Have a great day today!
  21. Wow dude, and you act like things don’t go over your head. None of the things you said needed to be said in the first place because that’s completely irrelevant. The irony isn’t that they have pop fans it’s that their pop fans would make fun of someone else for making fun of pop. And who the fuck cares it was a loose blanket statement anyways…you just went off on a completely different tangent trying to talk about how blink was marketed and shit everyone already knows. Settle down and go tell that story to the kids here that found blink with untitled or after
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