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  1. Yea for sure, you’re right and I’ve thought about that too before
  2. Lol I’m positive. Drinking coffee, smoked a little weed, and blasting Social D while I work from home. Couldn’t be better. Am I supposed to know who that poster is or something?
  3. A ok bro! Just wasn’t funny, I am not offended at all by it. Nothing clever was written in that at all, I prefer at least a little brains
  4. I know you didn’t say that mane. I emphasized how I understand how people prefer the Scott era as you do, I was just eluding to arguments I’ve seen on here over the years, YouTube, etc , about Scott being faster. Sorry if it seemed I was coming at you because I wasn’t at all my dude
  5. This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. And I have no clue who that guy is. Nice attempt at being funny Brendan please try again
  6. Lol I will never understand the folks who say Scott is faster than Travis. I understand the people who prefer blinks albums with Scott because they prefer that more straightforward style of “punk rock.” But there are plenty who’ve argued over the years that Scott was faster than Travis which is simply not true. He just doesn’t play the same beats over and over, and he can definitely play anything Scott can faster and more precise. There’s really no debate in that.
  7. I really love how much you love this song, no lie. It’s cute. Haha
  8. I wanted to wait until my Strat got missed out the way I wanted to start doing covers, but in lieu of the recent news with Mark, wanted to dedicate one to him. Eventually I’d like to start making better recording, but for now it’s just me, my Strat, cheap vox, and an iPhone. “I wish it didn’t have to be so bad.”
  9. God damn, people that complain about Matt’s playing live never really payed attention to Tom did they. I don’t think he got one note right in Going Away to College. I had to turn that right off.
  10. Yea for sure. For me I was 13 when I first heard them so and 15 when I first saw them live in 2001. I fit right in though because I was a trouble maker already smoking a lot of weed at the shows, I certainly didn’t have my parents take me lol. There were definitely a lot of teeny boppers around them at that time and that even turned me off then, can definitely imagine how you would have felt.
  11. I can’t freaking wait until my luthier can get my guitar in to get this neck on it and replace the ugly ass Pau Ferro fingerboard that’s currently on it. Also have a black Gotoh bridge, black input jack, black volume knob, black string tree, and black Sperzel locking tuners that will be going on this bad boy. Gonna be so damn sexy
  12. Oh yea, I recall Tom saying how he’d see it at every show…they’d start with family reunion, or the giant fuck sign, or whatever it may have been and all of a sudden he’d see a bunch of parents immediately walking their kids out lol
  13. Ok well the gay jokes were the first thing that popped up in my mind. Please forgive me. also, I was watching blinks performance of WMAA in Chicago 2001 on YouTube and at the end Mark yells “I like to fuck 14 year olds!” Lol. Thankfully Tom saves the day by clarifying “that was just a joke, he doesn’t really like to have sex with 14 year olds.”
  14. I don’t know I don’t know what else anybody would have a leg to stand on trying to get them cancelled, do you?
  15. I can’t lie, this is still a jam though https://youtu.be/KhL7ctfqBrU
  16. Yea, none of the things they ever did or said was malicious towards anyone else or group of people. I guess the only thing people could try to argue about is making gay jokes, but blink has clearly been on the right side of history when it comes to supporting minority groups and rights, so I just don’t think anyone will ever bother
  17. I remember my church had posters up of blink, Eminem, and probably limp bizkit or something like that and it was under a big display of something along the lines of “do you know what your kids are listening to?” LOL
  18. Lol I won’t be anywhere near 160 chief! I stay around 180, 175 if I’m lucky. But fear none, I can assure you that the extra pounds I have on you are not coming from lean body mass haha
  19. Let’s goooooooo!!!! It’s on son!
  20. I can’t play chess but I’ll whoop anybody’s ass in Connect 4! What’s funny is I’ve been playing this with my gf for a while now and I just saw Travis posted himself playing it with that Kardashian chick. I guess great drummers think alike
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