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  1. Also for Motion City Soundtrack's last show they had both drummers make an appearance. I could see blink doing that one day toward the end of ther run.
  2. And now Paul only plays huge shows. Blink plays small shows when they want to do something for the fans (which is awesome) They also do this for a living so they do big arena tours for $$. I can't fault them for that. Also like I said the smaller then venue, the less of a chance you have to see them.
  3. I saw blink in a small club like three years ago. It's the big release of the new album so of course they would play an arena. Green day will go back to playing arenas after this wave of shows. It's common sense. if you could sell out arena's then why wouldn't you ? Ideally they probably make their money on these big tours and then sprinkle in some club shows. Just last year they played at SOMA. Also getting tickets for a blink show in a club would make it almost impossible.
  4. I was referring to the person that said blink sold out but ADTR didn't. Blink has many cringe lyrics as well. Didn't realize so many ADTR fans would get so offended.
  5. This. But also which ever album has 2nd sucks on it is such a sell out album. What's with that song about whatever stupid down you grew up in sucking and all of your friends being equally as shitty? So cringe.
  6. He's technically an average bass player but I don't think he ever really intended to be anything more. I'm sure if you were just jamming with him he could perform more complicated stuff but in blink he really doesn't have to. He's been playing none stop for like 30 years.. Of course he can play more than just power chords. Using blink songs as examples of his actual skill level is not necessarily accurate.
  7. It's the image you can only imagine happens after a former star becomes washed up.. Except it's real.
  8. Yeah I think Mark would be more angry about Tom not wanting to put anytime into blink but then would write a whole Box Car Racer album which is pretty understandable.
  9. SOOHM is their top song on Spotify. They need to make that the single.
  10. I like the Nike t-shirt coupled with the Ford hat.
  11. Blinks sound checking the only thing that matters on Travis' snap chat
  12. hes usually pretty cool with it. This guy even puts his hands on him and he laughs it off. That time in Williamsburg was cool when he vauged for the girl to not get kicked out.
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