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  1. Like would you rather have Favre or Rodgers for 10 years in their prime? One won in epic historic fashion and played his heart out and made you love every second. One was a more complete player, statistically better and more team player, and also won.
  2. Gent you are literally the only one bringing up race. I've been pondering a lot now that Lebron's career is possibly over. It's tough to compare, because Jordan/Kobe are so competitive and fierce, and are the most elite, and more elite than Lebron, individually scoring and defending. LeBron is good at everything and a more complete player, the most complete player of all time all around. Basketball is a team game.. so it's hard. But Jordan & Kobe, are they actually better? Or more selfish. Is selfishness good though? Not comparing to bigs.
  3. True, but I think Heat still squeeze one more out and win it. Then get swept in finals..
  4. It's memorial day and blink just released 7 fucking snippets..
  5. Someone said Jokic plays like he's wearing flip flops and I can't unsee it. Dirk was one of my favorite players, he's definitely more of a center, but both have some similar type takeover vibes.
  6. I'm just a Jimmy Butler guy. Hope that makes sense. Anyway let's stop talking about the losers this year, we have some good basketball left. Hope he wins this out, would be an incredible feat, even if they are pretty good for an 8 seed. Jokic will probably punish them though, I see Lowry containing Murray. X factors both ways (Gordon, Herro, Caldwell Pope, Vincent) I think Heat are better coached. My money's on the Heat in 7. And Jimmy finally gets a real life NBA profile photo.
  7. It was still bitchy. He clearly was doing it to avoid media hounding them about losing to an 8 seed first round.
  8. We're talking about the end of games. Not talking about any of this. I feel like as a sports fan I'm allowed to be bothered by that, you can not, that's fine. I don't like when a player of his caliber influences the idea of shaking hands before the games even over or 30+ seconds. He's done this. I just hate it, that's me though. For the record, I didn't like when Giannis went on and started saying there's no such thing as losing when Butler just annihilated them as the 1 seed first round.
  9. Lol great to wake up to. Typed and deleted. You answered this well for me. It's the money thing for me too. It's just too much money to make to chill & load manage vs put it all out there till the buzzer, all 48 minutes. I just feel like it's way too soft, but I understand if basketball was never physical (like it maybe should have not ever been) this wouldn't be a talking point. Don't give a fuck what someone says on their social medias after a game.
  10. Meh, he still shrinks up at the end of games and gets ready to shake hands well before the games are even over. Just different times. #notmygoat
  11. How's that greatness though? Like what happened to your standards? I don't compare or rank based on era differences either, but dude's a lil bitch down the stretch often, I don't label that 'greatness'. He's a great player though and the absolute best hybrid player we've ever seen (does it all, even better than Magic). Thanks for your soft takes though. Top 8. #8 likely.
  12. I mean, my favorite player Vince Carter would do the same thing. Sometimes he'd be an absolute beast and take over games like none other. Sometimes he'd let the game come to himself too much in important games or quarters, start thinking about the next thing win or lose, and not go for the kill. Part of why I'd like them (unselfishness), part of why they'd let you down in big moments. At of the day, I'd much rather be a fan of Lebron, Vince, who are good dudes off the court too, but wish they had that killer sometimes in the big playoff moments more often than not like the crazed dudes like Jordan, Kobe, etc, who never let a moment pass. Is what it is 🤷‍♂️ Thanks for my soap box this morning.
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