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  1. Do you think Tom ever runs into Scott since they're both in San Diego right?
  2. The fact the two mods keep changing it back and forth is hilarious to me, it's a constant battle on here. Btw just share the story dude, or I'm boycotting, anyone else with me? You won't be happy when the ad traffic starts slipping away you greedy fuck.
  3. Relationships take work. Kind of a pussy if you just drop out at the first sign of adversity. I don't know why I responded.
  4. This never fails to make me laugh. I wish more musicians were able to poke fun at themselves like this. As to why he played it? Because Mark made them. There's some clips where he'd sneak it in the playlist and Tom hated it. Makes it extra funny.
  5. Yeah but you were crying about feeling offended, only to come back and attack another poster..
  6. Wow, Calibots getting desperate. Even when fans are getting back on board again, they're still salty.
  7. I can't lie, I spent a good majority of my life ripping songs on Kazaa and limewire, but now everytime I come across one of my older CDs with the case, booklet, artwork, etc I get pretty sad and wish we never killed that off. It was so much more of an experience.
  8. Omg it's gorgeous! So beautiful! More beautiful than a baby newborn! -Much love from Kansas
  9. Lost>Oliver


    https://sports.yahoo.com/steph-curry-fires-back-kevin-182111292.html Wow, Kevin Durant seriously is a toxin. Does he really think he's above the Warriors? Does he know they accomplished as much and more without him? "Our approach is only successful for the first two rounds" Like what?
  10. This thread title... feels sort of empty, threw me off for a second.
  11. Pop another xanax and cheat on your significant other.
  12. I finally got this downloaded to where I can play it front to back, really plays well. Definitely not on the same level, but flows as good as Self Titled. Thank you for taking your time blink.
  13. I'm just happy to see them experiment, I don't like the song either, but the production tricks were fun.
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