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  1. This is why you don't unban creatures like him.
  2. It all makes sense now. Mark has a discord server, we are trying to be like Mark and show we have our own channel on there, so he can maybe notice us and jump in one day. Aka, we are no better than blink Italia. Discord blink82online era = blink Italia 2.0 Thanks Speedo.
  3. Also, Mark is always my favorite, but I'd say he definitely wants to be in the limelight, a bit superior/more famous than lead to believe. Not saying he's on Travis's level, god no, but Hoppus on Music? His meltdown over the results of Neighborhoods? dropping +44 immediatley? Selling out the band to Feldmann and co like it's purely a brand name? Treating Skiba like a major stand in, etc. He really wants blink back in the spotlight. Whether that's the fame or the money, or making up for lost times/income from Tom's hiatus, I don't know. But sometimes it seems a superiority thing because of their early fame. Tom is delusional, a dick, but always seemed like the more relatable one with fans (pre-scams). And still lives in San Diego and what not. Didn't Mark move to LA to be in the country's largest shithole epicenter of pretentiousness? I don't know anyone that moves to LA to be the humble anomaly there. Just saying, I don't feel like he's fully trying to connect with fans whenever Mark is on podcasts/interviews, twitch or whatever it may be. I think he definitely struggles letting go. Love his features though on random young artists and his cancer scare and then beating it literally gave me chills, from a fan's perspective. I'm also not a Mark hater. Just disagree with the sentiment he's mr. humble. I don't care really either. edit: I also realize this was now branching off his upcoming book at beating cancer, which is not at all related to what I'm saying. Just random discussion's sake for the whole blink tenure, not anything related to that.
  4. Mark does not make it look easy. Putting the major health issues aside, it seems like he's gone through several crisis regarding fame and the whole band situation/getting old etc. Their family looks super but I'm sure they have problems too. He definitely seems the most level headed of the group but that's in comparison to friggin Travis Barker, Tom Delonge, and Scott Raynor. Now Skiba. Not hard to do in comparison.
  5. So, the key to getting 'in' with the discord crowd is to just act like a cunt? Really? It's that easy? That was it? Just act like a cunt.
  6. Haven't seen it so trying to avoid your guys chats, but indeed true. If they try to do a big explosive finale like Breaking Bad, they'd probably do it wrong, or feel redundant. I hate that about some movies, you are sort of expecting a gigantic finale, and then it ends up being a bit predictable.
  7. That is the worst dude! Absolutely cannot stand when someone won't just move on from something and keeps bringing it up.
  8. No Boxcar vibes whatsoever imo. When We Were Young on DED sort of. It only feels like blink because it's Mark Tom & Travis, but as far as anything before Neighborhoods, it really feels nothing like Enema-Self Titled, so maybe Dude Ranch at times if you had an old ass Mark & Tom doing it. It's an interesting album because of everything though.
  9. Sad realization. He was way more reserved early on and we didn't know much else also. He really is the hot girl that sucks, which is why he's dating a hot girl that sucks.
  10. I'm down to get off this topic too, but one of the dirtiest things MJ did was to the Beatles and then I believe Eminem too. He was corrupted/creepy.
  11. Nathan Fielder is peaking. Will keep getting better with age and experience with his comedy. I'm a believer.
  12. Omfg @NeverOliveryou were fucking right. The Rehearsal is the best thing I've seen on TV in ages. Might like it better than Nathan for You, slightly. It's very similar but the way the show weaves around the different scenarios is amazingly done. I'm on episode 4.
  13. The thing with MJ is that even people some boomers in my family who would be quick to castrate any celebrity that was accused of being a creeper, yet still have reservations about doing saying that about Michael. He was like their whole generation's music icon, he was the king of pop, so it was hard to admit even when people from our generation see it as is, extremely creepy. I imagine it'd be like if we saw this happen to Justin Timberlake or someone massive during our time that never seemed like a creep until we reached our later years and all this came out. I'd probably have a hard time conceptualizing or accepting all of the backstreet boys or Nsync being major creeps or something if that were the case.
  14. I mean, regardless of whether anything nefarious went down and that the Leaving Neverland stuff was bogus..he still had an entire creepy kingdom place where kids would stay overnight. None of their parents seemed like anything other than the pieces of shit that sell their kids out (which was half of the leaving neverland stuff) which I doubt that part was at all false. Elvis met his wife when she was 14 years old, he was 25. They married when she was 21 though. I don't know much more than that, but many found that creepy or grooming someone. Much more normal back then to have young marriages, but still got flack for that. Jerry Lee Lewis legit married his 13 year old cousin when hew as 22 and got blacklisted from the UK because of it.
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