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  1. See: -Dislike bar -Comment section These songs are old man.
  2. No, they are getting old and jaded. I'm still young and I hate this shit. I dread this shit. I'm only here for emotional support.
  3. Finally, something to look forward to. A Milli and WMAA are so damn old though, they are 15 years late on this.
  4. Great: Strange Love, One Little Lie, Adrenaline Good: How to Live, Lucy, Okay to Bad: NVM, Drug, Ether, Special, The Wolf, Thanks I Hate It, Need Me
  5. 3>2 2 was utter trash, when they turned Neo into a rubber doll and beat up 100 Smith's creating bowling sound effects. Do I need to mention the flying? 3 was at least in the vein of the boring parts of the first one. Glad he went blind. First one is a classic though.
  6. No, lol the content is just a major downgrade from what we're used to. Simple Creatures is at least an attempt at Mark being creative, but still a downgrade. Rebel Girl I like only because expectations have been so severely low and it was not bad.
  7. One Little Lie was great Rest are pretty meh tbh, Special and NVM are okay.
  8. I'm just waiting for the boyz to bust out a 99 red balloons cover! On the realz, EMO Here your letter, Stockholm Syndrome, Easy Target, Rollercoaster, Natives, Kaleidoscope, Dick Lips, Voyeur, enthused, please take me home, pathetic, waggy, boring, Everytime I look for you
  9. It's not that bad, it's just a different movie than the others. It was like Mech Warriors.. I honestly don't think it matters if you watch 2 & 3.
  10. I think this is one of the few Cali songs that I don't hate, but is just alright. Definitely not their worst.
  11. https://variety.com/2019/film/news/matrix-4-keanu-reeves-carrie-anne-moss-lana-wachowski-1203307955/ Save us Keanu!
  12. I feel like the video assisted with the cinderella line with the friend zone take, then made no sense with the actual good lines (do you want to go back to where we started??) I actually laughed out loud at some of 'Tommys' expressions, they were ridiculously sad, but the dialogue was so jarring and ruined one of the best blink-related songs in a while. I get the 80s idea but wtf with the whole thing. Do you want to go back to where we started? Yes I want to go back to where I was jamming this everyday to just the album art. Also this was apparently before Tom started losing weight.
  13. Mark was looking extra sexy with those glasses. He probably counts every dollar he threw though.
  14. I honestly think he must of had a really bad friendzone experience. This video goes much better with it hurts
  15. I think this song is about Mark. Tom is the Rebel Girl and Mark is constantly punching himself because he can't write a song as good as him anymore.
  16. Probably not but his job is at risk if he doesn't like California
  17. Oh fuck me, thought it was Matt trying to be funny again, this was pretty obvious too. Coight - 1, Jan - 0 (Coight - 1, Jan - 1000+ historically speaking)
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