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  1. How damn good are these re-imaginations of Stomping the Phantom Pedal? Tom's voice kind of sounds cooler on these. Surrender gives me chills.
  2. I use Almond milk to refresh myself after regular milk. Shit's nast
  3. Um, no. If I wanted water I'd drink water..
  4. There's several different kinds of almond milk. Have you tried unsweetened? Only flavor I can get down with.
  5. It's funny as shit but I'm also worried he's not actually losing it (further). He's literally google imaging "dogs driving in cars" all day.
  6. Tom's posted like 50 dogs in cars pictures the past week, is he alright?
  7. You need milk bud. I don't think women necessarily like the taste of semen either. False equivalency.
  8. Nut milk is the best. Don't even put it in a glass just guzzle it right down every morning.
  9. True, sorry, I just didn't like bandersnatch and am bitter they may have jumped ship a bit. Could definitely be wrong though
  10. You're like the Mark of black mirror, let that sink in cunt breath.
  11. Almond milk is good, hipster/vegan or not it's a good standalone healthy drink. Every morning here.
  12. Serious? What do people see in Jennifer Lawrence. Solid 8/10 if I've ever seen one. Much better hotter celebs out there.
  13. Tom was not the douche, Mark was. Mark wants to milk the name and Tom knew it was dying and moved on peacefully.
  14. I just don't get why they forced choices on you, kind of ruined it.
  15. A couple months ago I wanna say? They both were getting the internet going being there at the same exact time posting on Insta
  16. Depends on what spectrum you follow, clown posse or appreciate his talent. I definitely think he's talented and Caribou Lou, Dysfunctional were my jams His clown posse shit is retarded though
  17. Tom is definitely not going to be on this album and Ghent is going to look really silly when he's not.
  18. Everytime Mark talks it makes me want to go back to my old house growing up, put all my blink CDs in a row, burn the whole place down and act like this never happened.
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