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  1. You didn't master it, you played it well, but you missed some hammer ons. Mastering to me is doing something accurately and effortlessly. What makes you think Tom can't play these songs if he didn't want to? Do you really think he couldn't learn BR? Not than I. I could twist you and Speedo in a pretzel and I'd be willing to put a wager on it. I'll even up it and do whatever song you do on electric on an acoustic. And I know you guys are both good so this is good odds for you.
  2. I can play stuff both you can't. Also cuter.
  3. Wasting Time, Dysentary Gary, STFTK, Feeling This, Dumpweed All fairly simple, but super unique and more interesting than plenty of rock solos. I think
  4. I like this rebuttal @Donald Trump's Bulge, back on Oli train, effortlessly can hit rythym better than Skiba which breaks my tie with him, not better than Tom though.
  5. Did Oliver really film a 15 second video of a couple guys in a backyard from his living room window and put it on youtube calling it robbery? 😆😆😆😆
  6. Tom doesn't play power chords. He plays octaves. Get it right! Also there's about 10 Tom riffs I find more interesting than a run of the mill 'Dude look at me shredz this guitar on the high notes!' 80s solo.
  7. In no blink song does it ever call for a Queen solo to take place. If Tom wanted to, I'm more than positive he could 'cover' a Queen song. Skiba can't considering he can't even cover blink songs but Tom? Are you being genuine here?
  8. Tom could cover a queen song of he wanted to.
  9. Okay so we're talking purely guitarist for hire technical skills? Then I trump all of you. Who cares if you can beat Skiba and Tom in a guitar covering competition if you can't beat Jan.
  10. Sorry, I see we've moved on, disregard last post.
  11. You have my vote for over blink Skiba but definitely not Tom and you need to drop this Queen thing. It doesn't prove anything, pretty much any halfway decent guitarist can learn any song if they practice enough, and your performance of the solo lagged a bit, especially the hammer ons. I don't want to be 'like that', but I can play about any song on guitar, but Tom's the one who wrote some new unique riffs you don't hear everyday, and I'm the one sitting behind a computer typing on a fan page. Being able to cover someone else's work isn't that difficult and really a middle school battle. Take the skiba trophy, leave it at that.
  12. I think the debate was blink iteration of Skiba, Oliver admitted Alkaline Skiba is way better. This song and performance is actually really good, he's good in his element, it's just in blink it's more of a phoned in yelling style. I mean not to derail this wonderful thread but it's pretty clear Matt is a darker, independent artist, he doesn't like writing up beat Goldfinger songs about California, he likes writing his own style and couldn't care less about the music they're writing in blink. It's got to be hard to fake it every night and probably the biggest effect on his performance. The guitar issues I have no idea, he must really just not be comfortable with Tom's style.
  13. I'm just dishing it out to the one liner man himself. Don't think I've seen an actual thought out post by you just #oneliners, if Oliver is this bad #explainwhy or #gtfo and stop wasting thread space
  14. Okay buddy, don't act so triggered because your false idol can hardly make it through Dammit without looking like he's about to croak.
  15. Except you didn't even post your '9 other measures' for guitar ability. You just shout random things, no wonder Skiba is your idol.
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