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  1. I agree take as long as they need, but just say something instead of keeping everyone in anticipation 'edging' or w.e it is. It gets annoying after a while and doesn't have this big payoff they are thinking if that's why they are anti-communication.
  2. I know this is now a video game thread, but I just finally saw Episode 9, no distractions, in full, honest attempt. That might be the worst movie I've seen. Holy shit. On the brightside, it makes Episode 7 and 8 more bearable, but it's so so bad. Like what the fuck? They basically just took every OG trilogy thought/idea/character and then X10'd everything, with CGI. Spaceships battles of 100 ships last time? HERE'S 1,000,000 SHIPS! Emperor Palpatine lighting - X10!! Darkside/lightside inner turmoil... X2!! Ray AND Kylo should have died from that but magically didn't X2!! Lando was the only return character that was willing to collect the paycheck and give honest effort, it felt so awkward how much Mark Hammil didn't want to be there or phone it in. Shit was wild. 2/10 movie, worst of all 9 imho. Makes you really realize how classic the original were the older you get. Space opera.
  3. The prequels were not that bad.. yes they are like - kid star wars movies, but ultimately still had some star wars swagger. And even though they can't hold a candle to the original classics, there were moments.. they also make me laugh how they fluctuate from being a kids movie, to dismembering people brutally (Jango Fett, Anakin) or killing a room of kid jedis. I honestly liked the story..I just consider it one big set up for the classics..and not meant to rival them in quality. The storyline of 'Vader origins' is substantially better than 'return of palpatines, re-hash lightside/darkside stuff, etc'.
  4. I loved Hardwired, but yeah they haven't been great in ages. Their golden age was decades ago and created a lot of insecure basement dwellers.
  5. Speakerboxxx/Love Below but think blink. Mark & Tom couldn't resolve their issues (behind closed doors) and released an epic 2 piece album. Boxcar/+44 should have been this anyway.
  6. I mean Tom's return was a total surprise. I don't know how they kept that under wraps for as long as they did. The Travis thing was the ONLY reason why they came out to say anything. Think about that.
  7. They've sold out though. Milk it dry, then release the album when the hype wears down. If I'm sitting corporate headquarters next to Feldy's spare office.
  8. I mean, more speculation. But I bet they were planning on releasing it sooner - but saw the entire tour already sold out from announcement + edging alone so want to either wait to release from a business standpoint, or wanted to take longer to make it 'better' since that gives them more time realistically speaking.
  9. This is the only 'logo' I'd ever want to see for blink ever again. The bunny, the smiley, the arrows, it all can get in the bin at this point. It's all just gotten overplayed at this point. Fuck sign go away.
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