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  1. Ya'll seriously need to stop talking about hair transplants.
  2. We've been over this 1,000 times. 999 if you wanna stay on key ;). Blink is absolutely nothing without Tom. But a Tom & Travis + replacement is just as lame. They're a trio. The chemistry is real. 3 is the magic number of the universe, this is not a mythical thing. Nikola Tesla. Need Mark's bitchiness for pop safe fandom. Need Tom's crazy loopy pushing boundaries punk attitude. Need the other to pull them back. Just give us music so we can stop talking about this shit.
  3. Not sure if this one was posted, but this sort of proves the quarrel about them drowning out the guitars with stupid loud drums. I mean, the guitars might be a little loud in that (deeper maybe would fix it?) but this infinitely sounds like a better blink song to me. It is a bit odd to have Tom's comeback and completely drown out the guitars on the mix. Should have came back banging like this. I think we're fucked though, because Travis drowns out guitars. Illan or whoever in Tom's camp doesn't necessarily make them blast like on blink on most recent AvA, and Serban apparently does not want to be like Finn and also drowned them out here like a Kelly Clarkson song.
  4. Would be hilarious. The only thing that could be worse than Cali era would be shit like that.
  5. Technically, nobody deserves anything. But thou can still be judged for how they handle something. Aka, cancelling tours for finger boo-boos and wanting preorders. Take as much time as needed though, just don't collect the $ till you're ready. That's my only beef. Could give a fuck on whining for more music.
  6. Plot twist: It's Palpatine's first wife, his cousin actually, kid with him.
  7. 2 can be argued the worst, but the Genosis stuff and whole world building was pretty cool no? I feel like while it was LAME the love story and stuff, at least they HAD a clear direction and story, unlike the sequels imo, where they would just throw random stuff in that was star wars related and dismiss any coherent story. Prequels were pretty straight forward. Origin of Vader, friends/characters attached to that story, Jedi Council, Emperor Palpatine rise, young-er Yoda, Obi-Wans prequel, the final purple lightsaber, etc. The sequels were just messy.
  8. Elaborate. Like, what happened at the end?
  9. Damn that's funny. Forgot I said that 😄
  10. Hmm, it seems like you are insecure about this basement thing to be perfectly honest. I said adement air fryer users are basement dwellers or young 20 year olds, that wasn't necessarily directed at you. Stop being week.
  11. Humor brings insight and tolerance. Irony brings a deeper and less friendly understanding.
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