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  1. Let's play a game - How many Speedo status updates can we ignore in a week.

  2. Speedo wants an NFT of Rogans cock.jpeg

  3. Speedo just feining for some Rogan this AM.

  4. leo dehoe loves some pickles INSIDE of his burger.

  5. Never assume - one does not want - a pickle on top of their bun.

  6. Why don't status notifications - take you right to the status notification

    Ghent slipping up again.

    1. Ghent


      I've noticed this too. Probably will get fixed in an update, it's nothing we did

    2. Strings_anus
  7. Jan meltdown soon.  Not sure why, just feel it coming on.

  8. Jan tip #3,127:  No one asked for Speedo tips.

    1. Speedo


      You don't need to ask for Speedo tips, they're always there to help. 

  9. Everybody in the club are getting rather tipsy*

  10. Supmark

    it's Krampus


  11. Ben & Jerry's - Half Baked >

  12. Do people really hate polls this much? They'll reply in status updates more than my polls? Fuck this place.

    1. Shit Poster

      Shit Poster

      You love a good pole 

  13. Not sure why but Almond and Pistachio nuts smell like dog, but their scent or flavoring is other worldly.

  14. Best fruit scent? Orange, Grape, Cherry, Watermelon pick 2 only, winner faces Pineapple.

  15. Pop another Xanax, cheating on your OH MY GOD I JUST SAW KRAMPUS

  16. DO NOT get high and watch the Krampus.

  17. It died.  Having the proper burial tomorrow at 6pm central time if you want to zoom in.

  18. Speaking of death. One of my little fish has been laying at the bottom gasping the past 3 days. I don't have the guts to just kill it, but I probably should right?

  19. I actually got really into the storyline and cried at the end of one of them, 3rd one I want to say?

  20. No, the Blood Gluch, obviously, shame on me for needing to look that up.

  21. I loved the first Halo..especially that sunny level with the grassland between some cliffs, one base on each side and a few Jeeps. Nothing better.

  22. Is Krampus a good Valentines day movie too?

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