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  1. This. 100%. I miss fluctuating between hiding my blink fandom and repping it. Neighborhoods was the easiest time to rep it, everybody missed them, even the haters. Now it's like - really? That's your music taste? Lacking
  2. Oh my god, you're so not confrontational and not cringe. So cool bro.
  3. MGK, actually is on record for not using pitch correction live at concert. One if the only ones though.
  4. He's never really sounded 'good' live to be honest. That was always many people's gripes with blink back in their day. But as for blink stans (us), he was never kind of bad live until untitled, and unbearably bad after untitled.
  5. Tom absolutely sounds better now than he did Letterman blink aka reunion. He was god awful then, just uncomfortably bad.
  6. I don't think they certified their albums, ?, because the only thing that is showing up is 50k sales in Canada for their first album and nothing else reported. They were definitely popular enough to have more than 50k album sales. Unless you want to tell me Carousel and M&Ms were more popular (pre Dude Ranch) than anything Goldfinger has done? There's not really any good site for any of this that seems accurate.
  7. Feldmann didn't start making real money until about 6 years into their relationship, Kay is just being a hater.
  8. Who cares? He wrote those songs.
  9. In 96'? He wasn't making bank until probably when he was legit producing everybody. She went his golden locks obviously. Unless the theories about Goldfinger selling jack shit are incorrect. I'm still on the side that they are not reporting it online accurately for whatever reason. They were mid-decently big, should equate to more than 50K album sales.
  10. Honestly he has been doing that the last time he toured with AvA He would include a blink medley, There Is, and sometimes another boxcar song. I personally love it, but it just makes me wonder why he can't just play in blink too. A Boxcar album reunion would be very doable and great and probably the coolest thing they could do with the current time and place of the bands.
  11. Idk, apparently they sold less than Alkaline Trio, and like only 50,000 albums somehow, keep your guys stories straight!
  12. He was cool for like a minute, when he did all the cover fill ins on tour. It's been like 6 years now, just no, he seems miserable in blink and I don't see what's cool about that.
  13. I didn't even realize John's wife potentially gives Skye a run for her money. 19 years married? John's got something going on we don't know about.
  14. He definitely was, until he joined blink and like lost his whole identity and ate a bunch of pasta.
  15. Open Your Eyes is about about opening your eyes to the evils of the meat industry. At least he's consistent?
  16. Yeah, I'm just finding out now (while trying to find the real sales numbers on them) Open Your Eyes was entirely about this. Huh, totally missed that.
  17. I genuinely think they are underreported or something. I just find it hard to believe they sold next to nothing when I recall the same thing. I honestly don't care either who was more successful, they're both one off/pretty solid bands to me but it felt like Goldfinger was a lot bigger here in the States (because of all those songs on MTV/radio over Alkaline). Or they really just got unlucky and no one wanted to buy their full albums just grab the songs.
  18. Kings of the Weekend is actually a banger though, just wish it was written by someone else featuring Mark, instead of a full fledged modern blink song. Or just a different title ya know? I like the way the chorus/pre-chorus goes. So, hard to fully make fun of.
  19. Can we save the joke? It needs better execution and some might argue we are the executioners! Speedo would argue this. He DM'd me this once prior to Discord days.
  20. I wanted to see, when & what you decide for each moment, what blink song/moment/album you choose. With the impression you had 10 seconds to live and have no reason to lie. stop the lying. I'll Go: When I'm feeling Really Nostalgic: Self-Titled or Dude Ranch - These albums just bring back the old feels for a short stint like no other. When I'm feeling UBER Nostalgic: TOYPAJ or Enema in full - these just make you feel straight up 15 again. Toypaj is amazing, but heavy on the nostalgia factor. When I Was Depressed Growing Up: Adam's Song - I always played this song, probably 500 times total, and tried signing it myself (embarrassingly). I don't love that song anymore. When I want to think Blink is still good: Neighborhoods - particularly Natives, Even If She Falls, Kaleidescope. When I want to show someone blink: Here's Your Letter, Waggy, Emo, Dumpweed, Always - I don't know why, but I always gravitate towards these songs, that seem less 'offensive' but still showcase their talents and hope they don't leave (if they were to quickly relate blink to their radio hits only). When I'm desperate to like new era blink: Wildfire, First Time, Los Angeles, some random bits of Deluxe, Cali, and Nine on shuffle. Just always giving it a fair shot, it's difficult though. Random most played song ever for no particular reason: Violence. - What was it about this song? When I Miss Tom: Chasing Shadows EP, Rebel Girl/Kiss & Tell combo, Aesthenia, Feeling This, Please Take Me Home, some more TOYPAJ/Self Titled. When I want to workout: Feeling This, Stockholm Syndrome, mostly Self-Titled, some NINE actually. On a long summer drive: Pick an album, any album, play it through. Feel free to add more categories, it's a free country. Unless you are larping.
  21. Where are you getting these numbers? I must have been high but I clearly remember Goldfinger's first few albums being pretty solidly known amongst the pop punk type community. I remember Alk3 not being much more than a Brand New type band popularity at their best. I admittingly am going off memory though. I truly don't care much about Goldfinger vs Alk3 but genuinely shocked if they only sold 50K albums total? There's no way. Did the only do some type of weird workarounds or something to make those numbers off? Open Your Eyes, Spokesman, Superman (of course), Here In Your Bedroom were on MTV.
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