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  1. Love this song. Chainsmokers have definitely grown on me.
  2. That's awesome. You should win a Parent of the Year award.
  3. I suppose I'll never tire of Mark's vocals. Melodic AF
  4. I mean I get people get sponsored by brands but a direct advertisement like that just seemed corny. Just wear the stuff and people will want to buy it. It was too in-my-face for my taste I suppose.
  5. Just saw Mark's Instagram story - a paid partnership with Vans. Talk about a sell-out, goddamn.
  6. Roswell was a Nazi craft traveling north from Argentina Atlantis exists Consciousness My cock is hard Bigfoot TR3B Die Glocke
  7. So in the 4th episode, Lieutenant Graves described seeing those white orb things as well as the gyroscope looking thing in the Gimbal video. Could it be that the orb things are actually the black triangle lights shown in the below video? Could it also be that the black triangles are ours, while the gyroscope thing is someone else's, and our black triangles were investigating the gyroscope thing? Based on the Sekret Machines book and everything that has been coming out so far, that's the best I can come up with regarding all of this. And before you say Tom is batshit
  8. I've been fine with Matt-era blink but then today's announcement was the final straw. You just can't do the Enema album w/o Tom. What the fuck guys. I've been tolerant of their selling-out, but this is just too much. Wow.
  9. Lol at the amount of Tom-hate
  10. Saw the first episode of Unidentified. Chris Mellon, a pretty fuckin legit guy, was like "So I was at Area 51 hanging out with some of the guys, and I felt kind of uncomfortable asking but I said 'so you every see anything weird out there?' and they said "yeah, all the time." Dope af
  11. have you seen loose change? jet fuel can't melt steel beams. 9/11 was an inside job
  12. I heard he was kind of an asshole and got drunk all the time. And later he ended up selling a Tom DeLonge Signature Gibson on eBay (presumably one Tom had gifted him). He was kind of a weird dude anyway, not sure why they settled on him of all people.
  13. All I want is a fast song with: Travis drums Tom riffs/power chords Mark melodic vocals Dope background synth shit going on
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