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  1. Yeah I'm pretty sure there will never be another album with Tom. I can definitely see them reuniting for a world tour though (without Skiba).
  2. Mutt. Would have never thought people start voting Adams Song this early. It‘s the best song Mark has ever written IMO. Also the guitar intro is so iconic that they made a whole double album based on it 17 years later.
  3. Wiki says that the company is "founded on the premise that hit songs are long-term predictable assets unaffected by economic cycles, which will increase in value as the worldwide music streaming market continues to grow". I think this concept makes a lot of sense. ATST is more than 20 years old and has been streamed close to 400 million times on Spotify alone. No matter what, old fans will continue to listen to Blinks back catalogue, and new people will discover them (because their hits will continue to pop up in "best of 90s/2000s" playlists), some of them might even check out AVA while they're at it. So the company will eventually make their money back, the only question is how many years of streaming it will take...
  4. Wendy Clear. Not a bad song by any means, but it always was the least relatable one to teenage me - never knew someone who owned a boat.
  5. Damn, I would have liked Anthem pt. 2 and STFTK to stay longer, both iconic moments from this album. This selection is kinda underwhelming for me now. Voting Everytime I Look For You, but I guess that one will probably win this whole thing.
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