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  1. I hope this is the actual album cover, and not the sock puppet one
  2. Ok, i'll say it...... i liked the video. I liked the ol' skool 'storyline' element that u dont see much these days. (Everyone liked After Midnight video, right?). The band footage had cool lighting/setting. I dont think Tom looked too cringe at all. And the storyling turns dark and ends kinds funny. I think most were just going into this waiting to not like it tbh.
  3. Anyone ever seen how a record looks signed? Not the jacket cover, but i mean on the actual record. Like a blk sharpie pen on a white record (or pink, red, etc, any color that's not black). Im thinking the signature might look crappy over the ridge grooves
  4. This tour will be my first time seeing AVA, so i admit id actually be pleased with a Greatest Hits set to get those all under my belt for the first time. So im loving what im hearing so far. In addition to these 11 we're apparently getting, my dream list to fill out a setlist would be any of; Valkryrie Missile, Distraction, The War, The Gift, Call to Arms, Sirens, Secret Crowds, Star of Beth, Lifeline, Hallucinations, Moon Atomic, One Last Thing, Tunnels, Diary, Home, Into The Night, Artillery, Chasing Shadows. Notice, not Everything is Magic. Never did care for that song as much.
  5. Add; Anxiety Surrender Paralyzed Moon As My Witness It Hurts Everything's Magic This is looking pretty damn awesome so far. C'mon Tom, let's get Lifeline in there too!
  6. Anyone pre-order the pink urban outfitters version? Works out to $52 for me with shipping. Trying to decide.....
  7. Songs hinted at so far for the AVA tour; Rebel Girl The Adventure Do It For Me Now Overload Wolfpack
  8. Funny that when i logged in to the presale at 12:00am, and saw that sign as a limited edition, i jumped on it instantly in fear of it being sold out within secs/mins (like HMNIM pins). That was not the case.
  9. Marik

    2019 Tour Thread

    Has anyone been complying soundchecked songs? Kinda curious if theres been a wide range, or pretty set selection? Has Man Overboard been common? I caught it, and was super stoked to get basically an extra song not featured in the main show. Any other extra songs like this thrown in that arent in the actual show? Did they soundcheck to perfect BIOMY back when it took that hiatus? Or soundcheck any acoustic songs?
  10. I woulda thought there was at least one completiest on here. That ordered every variation to get every possible sticker, pin, tshirt, cassette, cd, vinyl, and neon sign. C'mon, fess up. Who is it?
  11. Grabbed the splatter while still 11.99. Also grabbed the Neon sign on spur of the moment impulse. Yeah, im that guy. Any other suckers nab it? My confirmation email clearly states unit price to be 11.99. So they'll be hard up to argue it....
  12. Really good interview. Laughed out loud at his celebrity crush line
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