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  1. Marik

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Anyone have video of this?
  2. Is there any more of #3 to hear? I love the sound of it. Or even a guitar tab of that riff so I can dick around with it in my basement for fun
  3. Marik

    HMNIM shirt sizes

    Hi, Could someone with a HMNIM shirt please measure the body width and height for me? The site lists sizing but I gotta think it's wrong. It lists a Medium as 20inch width (measured underneath left armpit area across to underneath right armpit area), and lists a Large as 22inches. I measured a bunch of my t-shirts (many diff brands) and none of my Larges are wider than 20inches. So their LG at 22inches seems like it would be more a wide XL fit. Unless their measurement is wrong. Can someone save me the hassle of ordering wrong size.... Thanks!
  4. Marik

    Why Was Ryan Fired

    What were the terms/conditions of Atom and all the other guys coming and going?
  5. Marik

    The Tom Delonge Meltdown Watch Thread (Meltdown Inactive)

    I am super interested in which U2 show this was (cuz I was at them too) Either May 15, 16 2018 at the Forum in LA, or, Sept 22 2017 for the Joshua Tree30 tour in San diego. Neither Jennifer or Tom's Instagram pics show evidence at these dates. any one else remember any details?
  6. Advice on brand new guitars from manufacturer: when brand new guitar purchese is shipped to you, are there things that you need to get 'set-up' properly at ur local shop (assuming I don't know how to myself), or would it be ready right out of the box? Sure I know the strings wouldn't be tuned out of box, but I've heard words like 'action', 'inntunation', 'truss rod', 'set-up', that I don't fully understand and not sure if it should be looked at to make sure it's 100% ready for proper use. (Especially if shipped in post could throw things off)
  7. Question for the Tom guitar experts out there.... Did he use the Ernie ball heavy top skinny bottom strings on just his earlier strats, or ALSO on his semi hollowbodys ES-333's? Were these strings used only for the Blink songs, or ALSO used later on for AVA?
  8. Marik

    Blink-182 Vinyl Thread

    Thanks for all ur responses and time boxelder. Its really helped catch me up to speed, and hopefully others that read this too
  9. Marik

    Blink-182 Vinyl Thread

    Thanks all for the input. Before i spend $$$$$ on a SRC order, could someone post a pic of the album jacket cover of SRC-bought NON-deluxe (preferably Enema if poss). I just want to make sure the color quality is what im expecting before i place big order
  10. Marik

    Blink-182 Vinyl Thread

    In local stores, ive also seen some copies, Enema if I recall, where the vinyl jacket looks dull. Like the colors are all dull. Almost as if it was sun-bleached or something. Does this ring a bell at all with anyone knowing what version of release this would be? I believe I spotted MTATS with dulled colors as well.
  11. Marik

    Blink-182 Vinyl Thread

    Thanks for the in-depth answer! That opens up a new can of questions for me to pick ur brain. 1) so SRC has sold deluxes and now non-deluxe. Both using the same remastered audio, so the main difference is just the color of vinyl, and whether its a limited number or not. Were either/neither/both of the Deluxe and non-deluxe officially done with blinks authorization? By that I mean, did the band ever acknowledge them? Tweet out 'hey guys, check out our new deluxe reissues now avail over on SRC website!" Or are these done kinda behind the bands back? Why wouldn't they be made avail by the band's actual website merch store? (As I see California is). Does it have to do with the label change and ownership rights? How would SRC possibly be authorized to add tracks (Not Not) and alter the cover art (back tracklisting) without the band's consent?? 2) in local stores I have spotted Enema/DR/Cheshire all with a 180g sticker. No other mention of deluxe or not. Date on them is 2016. Would these be the Deluxe that SRC had? Or were the deluxes EXCLUSIVE to SRC only? My understanding that SRC's non-deluxe currently avail on colored vinyl are NOT 180g (am I wrong?) And thus these 180g I spotted cannot be those non-deluxe colored. Is there a way to tell if they are the sub-par Universal vinyls (were universal's180g and also issued with 2016 Date?). Or were Hot Topics done in 180g? 3) what was the TOYPAJ debacle you referenced with SRC taking over vinyl production? 4) speaking of Boxcar, on SRC it is not referred to as deluxe, nor 180g. (Hense you mentioning sub-par quality). It's labelled as 15yr anniversary edition. Would it be the exact same as the 15yr anni edition that Tom was selling from To The stars? Or was Tom's different/better stock (different audio quality, 180g?, diff color vinyl) 5) I'm in Canada, and frankly I am amazed, at SRC's decent shipping rates. I'm wondering from anyone that's ordered from them before, were you hit up for more $$$ at delivery for customs/duty fees?
  12. Marik

    Blink-182 Vinyl Thread

    Question: can someone explain what the 'deluxe' vinyl releases are? Are they remastered audio? Addition booklet artwork or same as original releases? Are all deluxe on 180g vinyl? This thread Indictates that srcvinyl quality is better than universal quality. So I was looking at srcvinyl and see a lot of the deluxe are sold out. Were all deluxe done as limited numbers Only, and thus not likely to find new in any stores nowadays? Some deluxes are listed as not avail yet, like Cheshire and TOYPAJ. Is there any update as to when to expect these? For deluxes that sold out, like Enema and Untitled, they are now offered on colored vinyl (red, pink) -does this mean they are NOT the deluxe and thus not remastered audio? Also doesn't say they are 180g like the deluxe is.... I'm new to looking into blink vinyl, and I intend on getting one copy of each album and trying to decide the best option/choice. Any advise or info is appreshed