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  1. Lol, oh i just assumed that WAS travis's and that it was missing mark's. Good thing we got the expert on here. What are the weird scribbles after the MH*? Im currently checking on the paperwork of changing my name. Tammy i think?
  2. so i walked into Lou's Records in Encinitas (impressed me how good this record store is, considering its just a small beach town), and as im trained to always look at the used blink section in any store, i see the usuals- untitled, greatest hits, etc, ....nothing rare, as i expected. But for some reason, i was complled to pull out the cases, and to my surprise i see this on the back! Its price tag was 3.99, so i doubt ol' Lou realized what he had here..... .....Or did I get suckered? @ry-bread confirm/deny?
  3. It was fine enough, but nothing AMaZING. I mean, ur paying for the trendiness, and its mostly vegan. But its not too "upscale" as i feared it might be (it even has a valet driver out front). Hearing that celebs go there, i was worried i might need reservations and to dress nice. But we just walked in, with 2 kids in tow, i was wearing shorts and flip flops and I was fine. Nothing Travis-related inside. I think they like to keep him as a 'silent' investor for the most part. They even advertise some other chef guy as the 'owner'.
  4. This tour was almost a decade in the making for me. For a quick back story; i was an early AVA fan that awaited Whisper dropping. (In fact, my co-worker at the time travelled from Canada to see the very first AVA live show). Back then, i didnt have the means to travel large distances to see bands, so i waited, and then when they were playing close to my town at the time, for i-E/Love1, I was out of town and missed it. So i waited, and waited, and when AVA live shows had dried up, i told my wife "i dont think they will ever play life again, but IF they do, i am prepared to travel ANYWHERE to see them. Ideally San Diego for a hometown show". So when the tour was announced and the San Diego show happened to be the week of my bday, i was literally jumping on couches like tom cruise. Planned the Cali trip to see LA, Ana, SD three shows. Then mulitple nights were added, and i jumped on them since i was going to be there anyways. 3 shows became 6 shows for my bday week, and im sure 6 shows sounds ridiculous to some , but i assure all that even by the 6th show, i was still just as excited and pinching myself that i was actually seeing AVA live that night. Show #5 and #6 were probly even the highlights because Tom had noticably more energy feeling better, and added some songs in that i had been praying to hear (Wolfpack, There Is, Kiss/Tell). Diary had always been my dream set-opener. Finally hearing the Adventure live after all this time gave me tears. And Heaven performed live with Tom's intro speech gave my soul the goosebumps that you remember for the rest of your life. Over the week i met tons of fellow fans travelling from all over, I had two meets with Tom, that were everything I had hoped for. Had David acknowledging me from stage every night from remembering me on the rail, talked with Ilan after multiple shows, ran into Matt on the street, guitar pick from SD show, setlist from final night of the tour, visiting TTS and met Luis E., ate at 'the' sombrerros and didnt get diareaha, randomly found an autographed blink cd for $3.99 at Lou's Records Encinitas, tried to climb the light post mark fell from, ate at Crossroads, found Opra studios, walked into the concession area of the Dammit movie theatre, and ran the WMAG route. It was an epic trip for me, and im more in love with AVA than i even was before. Thank-You Tom and the boys for fulfilling the dreams of this lil fan boy at heart.
  5. I noticed that. But i assume the SRC will be on basic black vinyl, whereas their store one is a black+white splatter. Any completist order both?
  6. I recently was selling my first ever item on ebay, and to figure out how much to ask for shipping on my listing, i put item (a hat) into packaging, went to post office and gave them the furthest US zip code from me (Florida) and got a shipping cost. Then used that cost info as my asking price on US-only ebay listing, so that i knew my shipping cost would be covered no matter what. So maybe if u put a random sample vinyl in packaging, took to post office, with a list of our zip codes/postal codes, and got individual shipping costs to countries.... that would give us a realistic estimate, and of course, if there ended up being any discrepticies on mailing date im sure we would all even up with you accordingly. Tbh, i dont think any of us wanting to buy it would change our mind because shipping was $40 and not $20 for instance
  7. Holy shit, i got Wolfpac, Kiss &Tell, and There Is tonight!!!!!!!! Totally caught me off guard, i went insane when Wolfpac started. Last show tomorrow, praying to hear Hallucinations now (over Overload). Tom stated he isnt sick anymore, and you could literally tell and see in his face he was having wayyyy more fun because of it
  8. Still got Anaheim2 and LA2 shows to close out this part of (my) tour, and then i'll be back home at end of wk to sort thru pics and upload best ones. Ive been rail, or maybe 1 person removed from rail at every show- so there's some real beauts I just have fingers crossed that out of total of 6 shows, that i get to hear 2 of my favs -Wolfpac and Hallucinatuons at least once! But my chances are dwindling.. he cut them out- as well as Overload and Kiss & Tell- shortly before Cali swing due to being sick (as per Ilan telling me). But has kept them out ever since. I was hoping they'd be back for hometown shows, or at least SD2 to make it diff from SD1, but nope, so i fear his motivation to bring them back for only last 2 shows of the tour just isnt there. (Thou instead of these songs, he's been filling the time gap doing an extended storytelling segment of the show- which has been pretty cool in itself)
  9. Did SD2 last night. Energy of hometown shows was epic. Had M&G, and regarding signatures- i noticed- first 2 people out of the gate both asked for and received, and then he quickly changed his tune and started saying no cuz of the pattern that was developing. It was mostly no's for everyone else that asked, except for the odd exception- like one guy had brought his guitar, so Tom probly felt bad denying him. So overall, after what ive witnessed after 2 M&G's is that he plays it by ear based on the line. If right away everyone is asking then he'll cut it off fast, but if only 2 people out of the first 15 ask for it, then theres a decent chance. So basically, it cant be predicted and depends on your individual line. I suppose best odds would be make sure you're first in line, and hope that everyone else in line behind you isnt standing with a visable item that he could see when he walks up which would make him instantly decide to pull the pin even before person #1. I didnt have my heart set on autograph, so for me M&G's were awesome experience to meet a huge inspiration since my childhood. And he did not disapoint.
  10. Sorry for the delay..... very limited wifi on this trip.... Yes, i am at San diego1 right now. Did TTS yesterday and ran into Luis. Saw Tom arrive to venue today with his family, and he went straight in. I highly doubt anyone would get an autograph from him when arriving to show like this. M&G's are best option.
  11. Apologies.... my hotel wifi has crapped out, so i'll be a bit behind on this till i get it sorted. M&G was yesterday in anaheim. It went great. I decided to give up on the autograph request and just enjoy the moment talking to Tom. He was great, i had my serious moment with him, but also got him to laugh too. Happy with the picture, despite some bad venue lighting, and got to make a quick comment to rest of guys too. Didnt feel rushed, and holy shit is Tom tall. Now on to San Diego... (by the way, dunno if its been menteined here, but they are scheduled for a secret KROQ show today in Hollywood....Tom is still nursing his sick voice so i cant imagine it would be more than their usual 3 song acoustic thing they been doing. Wont be attending thou, cuz you had to win tickets thru radio)
  12. First ever AVA show last night..... with more ahead. Tons of awesome front row pics from last night. If someone can remind me of that site to upload pics, i'll post some when i can
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