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  1. Lol, yeah but i figure theres a good chance they knew each other in the drummer community. Probably even as far back as Aquabats days
  2. Holy Shit, Atom is a major score. Welcome to the big time Ry! So many questions, like the obvious Whats ur fav AVA song (i would expect an answer like Adventure), so maybe a follow-up of Whats ur fav AvA DEEP-cut? (I wonder if he even remembers all their album songs by name lol). I would love to hear you go thru EACH album indivually to get his specific stories on each instead of getting broad answers. Stories/memories on making them, after-thoughts on the results, high-lights vs least fav song, memories of touring them. When AvA was first starting, were they aware of Tom's pain about how blink ended, or what it a silent unspoken thing. Were they aware how fucked up Tom was on the drugs or was he hiding it from them? Were they worried for his safety and/or sanity (aliens)? Band intervention? Were any of them legitamatiely pissed about his Jesus/Joshua Tree claims about WDNTW? More specific insight into what went down with Ryan and Eddie leaving. Did Tom have any 'out-there' ideas for AvA that rest of band had to say no to and reign him back in? Or vise versa, did the band have certain ideas for AvA that were pitched that Tom would shoot down? A more detailed break down of his own departure from the band... his reasons for it, what was Tom's reaction (instant acceptance, tried to talk him into staying, caused ackwardness?), and the timeline of when in the Love2 process was it all decided on? Did Tom/David/Matt stay in touch after he left? At any point did Tom reach out and feel out his interest in coming back to AvA? Has he listened to, and what are this thoughts on Dream Walker, and expecially Rebel Girl and Kiss and Tell? This might be a weird one, but im sure we are ALL interested in this type of stuff.... when Tom returned to Blink what was the feeling/mood in the AvA band? Did Tom just announce it to them in a blunt way? Ask for their approval/support? Openly admit during it that his heart wasnt in Blink? Could they silently detect his heart wasnt in Blink? Did they fear it would be the end of AvA? Did they believe Tom and Mark had fully made-up, or was it obvious they were faking it for the reunion? And then the obvious thoughts on Travis Barker, and any interaction stories with Trav? Was he at the infamous bachlor party LOL And there's gotta be some good tom/alien stories. I feel like thats a full 45min interview right there
  3. Did he have any knowledge/impression that any of the band members would ever sit around and actually pick/approve/create tshirt designs themselves? Any specific reference of an image and the band member who came up with it? At what point did the band members stop being involved directly and design teams took over?
  4. Here's one for ya: In either episode 2 or 3 of the 2015 HMNIM podcast, Mark mentions doing a cover song for the tv series Stalker. I remembering watching that show (every episode) and noting the cool reimagining cover songs every episode- but never heard any Mark/Blink. Any one know more about this song they worked on?
  5. The above setlist is probly about the most likely one that involves 6 Nine songs. (As much as others hope to hear No Heart). First Time becoming another great set opener like Feeling This, Dumpweed, would be awesome
  6. Did Love1 anniversary today Feb 12 or Feb 14? I always thought 14th - as wikipedia states. But a bunch of the social posts are referring to it today 12th? Can anyone recall?
  7. Marik

    182 News Podcast

    Finally had a chance to listen. This was really good Ry. Between all the news updates, past timelines, signature knowledge, twitter stuff, and now the podcast, you really are a vital part of this fan community. Thanks, its mostly a thankless task, but know its much appreshiated
  8. Bands make so much more money off the TOUR nowadays, compared to the album sales. So it's weird that the band/label could already be putting a bookend on the NINE era.
  9. Ugh again, i would have voted Pathetic, but now i have to VOTE DAMMIT in attempts to save Waggy
  10. I was actually gonna vote Pathetic, but i see it would be a wasted vote at this point. So to help rescue Waggy, I VOTE EMO
  11. Now THATS a question! (Just not an answer)
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