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  1. Im actually curious about this too. Wondering if there's any evidence of his skin cancer thing. I might have to go get something checked soon
  2. I cant believe im the only one voting Mercs
  3. We have GOT to tag Tom with this empty bracket and get him to share his version. @Ry-Bread you always seem like the best man for the job. Can you reach out thru your channels and hound him? And Travis, and Skiba, for that matter!
  4. That made me laugh out loud at work
  5. Another one bites the dust. Just got the official email that London festival July 16 is cancelled. But interestingly, it specifically says that both Blink and Simple Plan are still returning next year on July 15 2021. So first date of 2021 announced! (Haha, we'll see if this happens.....)
  6. Is this sourced anywhere? Would love to read about
  7. Ry- nice pics. Do you save ur own version of a timeline (pics, tweets, news, etc)? You seem like a wealth of blink nfo with an incredible memory. I ask for 2 reasons; - i was browsing the timeline site, and a couple of the links i clicked on are dead/missing now. So i was wondering if anyone has a personal 'back-up' of every tweet convo/pic/article etc, that is part of blink history, just so we lose things forever - i was going to ask anyone out there if they kept a list of travis' side project songs over the last year approx. Ive started to lose track, amd was hoping an official record keeper could just copy and paste for me
  8. Where are u seeing his stuff for sale?
  9. Agreed! Thanks for getting that, and sharing wih us. Did you grab any of the other new drop besides the charity shirt?
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