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  1. I purchased two of the swirl. Would have snagged a single and picked another color if the limit had been stated. Second one is a gift for my daughter Any limit should have been enforced by the checkout system. They definitely added that after the fact and shouldn’t penalize folks that were able to get more. If anything, better only cancel one and not the whole order.
  2. My daughter is going to freak out when we attend the M&G in December. She’s already worried she will freeze and not be able to say anything. I cannot way to see her get to meet him. She’s been a fan since about the time she could walk and is still crazy about Tom (and blink) to this day. Did the other guy’s hang around for the photo op? That would be awkward to just do one with Tom if they’re standing there alongside. When we met blink I rushed it too much and jumped in and took the pic and didn’t speak to Matt or Travis until I was exiting. My daughter said when I walked up that Matt reached out to greet me and I ignored him. I felt like a dumbass. I did visit with him on my way out and told Travis about how my daughter bought me his book and told Mark I’d been a fan since shortly after they formed. Hindsight - take your time and make them hurry you along. We did pay for it after all.
  3. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t think that was recorded live (please note the sarcasm). ?
  4. Blink will be the halftime show tomorrow night for MNF.
  5. I ordered the vinyl and pin combo. Came yesterday. The album cover is all messed up and the cover sticker was half torn off. And there wasn’t any button or sticker (details say you get a random button and sticker to go along with the bunny pin). Regretting the purchase. Should have just picked up the vinyl in a store. The concert tickets are supposed to have entitled you to a CD. We shall see.
  6. Yeah... back as quickly as humanly possible or something like that.
  7. You could also try and read into it that when Tom was “in” blink is when they did their best work, ie after he checked out it wasn’t so great even though they were still technically together. I don’t think he actually mean that blink did it’s best work before Tom left. If he believed that then there would sort of be no point carrying on. Plus it’s a huge fuck you to Matt.
  8. It’s interesting (to me anyway) how Mark and Matt seem to go 50/50 in almost every song, ie you don’t get songs like you did with Mark and Tom where one carries the whole tune or the majority of it. Seems a bit formulaic that Mark starts a song - then Matt kicks in (or the opposite). It’s not a complaint - just an observation and doesn’t mean any songs are harmed bc of it (though I think something like Parking Lot would be amazing if the middle 1/3 featuring Mark was eliminated as the first and last 1/3 are pretty solid - realizing that’s a different album) Have really taken to No Heart. Great song. The entire album is pretty solid. I’m more impressed by the songs that didn’t get released during the run up the album drop.
  9. I think canceling El Paso makes sense for the reasons Mark gave but it would have been better to do so while also announcing a return date - even if it’s months out.
  10. Enjoying it so far. Had avoided the leaks.
  11. That’s a damn shame. Given what happened I’d have hoped the guys would have headed straight back at the earliest possible date and maybe even donated the proceeds to an appropriate group(s).
  12. Hopefully most of them wanted to see Neck Deep too. They’re going at 7:30.
  13. News says he and his group were asked to open their balcony doors to air out all the marijuana smoke (seriously). They went downstairs to bitch at the hotel management. When the police arrived Wayne and his group left without being asked to do so by the hotel or the police. So his tweet is BS. But damn how I wish he’d skipped the Dallas show. Blink and Neck Deep fans in St. Louis are lucky!!!
  14. “I can see that you’ve had enough. I can see that you’re giving up on me.” No kidding.
  15. I don’t understand the sudden need to have so much production for every song. Why are the voices autotuned or distorted (or both) in basically everything they do now? I can see wanting to change things up and add some synth sounds or techno crap or whatever. But I don’t get a band like blink wanting every song to sound like it was run through a computer. Crank up the guitar and bass and let Travis bash away on the drums and generate a rock song for fuck’s sake.
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