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  1. MGK didn’t switch genres because of Eminem. He has incorporated bits of rock into his songs since the beginning. He wanted to make a pop punk album, which makes sense since he’s always been into it and had big success with I think I’m Okay. He said he’s still going to be making rap albums alongside pop punk.
  2. Travis and MGK did the album live,
  3. So last night MGK was in the studio with Trippie Redd and Dance Gavin Dance singer Tilian Pearson. I know the guitarist of DGD Will Swan said he laid a guitar track for Trippie a while back. More stuff on the way :3
  4. Deluxe Edition is out now, here’s the collab with The Used & Yungblud (though what happened to the other two songs with Yungblud? Saving for a duet album? lol) Not sure how I feel about the rest of deluxe songs and he again threw his very meh cover of misery business in there
  5. So MGK is teasing releasing the deluxe edition this week now! (Not the target version which just has some of the youtube quarantine songs on it) so get ready for more songs, presumably will include the 3 yungblud collabs as well as the used collab 🤗
  6. Yeah, apparently he did 3 songs with Yungblud again as well as one with The Used, not sure why they didn't make the album but he said he's saving them for something special, so maybe a EP or Deluxe Edition of the album?
  7. You guys really overanalyze too much
  8. Skiba had to send in a video to a song he had no part of lol
  9. Ehh Bloody Valentine and Concert for Aliens are fun pop punk songs... this is just sad
  10. So according to Reddit Matt isn't even part of the song, that right?
  11. Got mine today. I ordered white but later on they eventually emailed me asking if red was ok since they sold out of white (???) anyway, I got it and man, the print quality seems pretty bad. Even for just plain text on a white background it’s blurry and low-res, the logo on the vinyl itself has faint markings of other vinyls on it. Shit, that bootleg people made was probably better quality. :S Can’t listen to it yet but I wonder if the sound is even sourced from the masters or if it’s also just a mp3 rip lol. Oh well, glad I was able to get one
  12. Then when Joe covered it when they came out he never mentioned Tom or To the Stars, just "the times article"
  13. I couldn’t get through it, Bert sounds awful.
  14. I’d kill for one of these shows
  15. I’d kill for one of these shows
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