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  1. He has other guitar players up there playing besides himself lol. Hes called out people before for saying he doesn't play so that'd be pretty bad if he wasn't
  2. Yeah, but even if it were a medley, idg why it would be all old songs and none off his newer album (aside from papercuts-which he actually already did last VMAs.)
  3. I don't get why the VMAs would have a whole ass set of old mgk songs and then a few random Travis is still playing on. Plenty of other artists to showcase too lol. Edit: he already played papercuts at the last VMAs too lol Maybe MGKs Cleveland show? August 13th. His hometown shows are always special and have a bunch of special guests, and with no EST fest the past few years either.... But idk. Makes the most sense to me. Top song above mgk set is also "girlfriend" by avril
  4. I'm not saying anything about the writer's knowledge. But their credited "sources" are usually really reliable, staged publicist comments, etc. Like TMZ exclusives probably the only other gossip rag that's more reliable. Of course, saying "but they're full of surprises" means nothing, but all part of the staged hype machine. Point was that bigger outlets are reporting on it, sources will eventually get to the bottom of it
  5. Hitting people mag "These guys have a long history and a long friendship and are always posting random throwbacks, but they're full of surprises," a source tells PEOPLE. https://www.google.com/amp/s/people.com/music/tom-delonge-hints-possible-return-blink-182-throwback-photo/%3Famp%3Dtrue Keeps gaining traction at bigger outlets
  6. It's ok, Kerrang covers are announced on Wednesdays you silly geese.
  7. The call Mark had to do was to call Matt and tell him he.is.out.
  8. These things are booked way in advance, your kidding yourself if you don’t think they have 2023 festival dates booked. He said they’re touring in 2023. I remember people bitching at Riot fest and they were like we book these things over a year in advance. He’s not going to confirm dates before they’re announced and confirmed where they are supposed to be.just like he isn’t going to confirm Tom is in or not before they’re ready to push through the official channels.
  9. He said “Correct. We will tour again and when it’s booked and confirmed we’ll announce it.” not that there aren’t any booked at all. Just when it’s confirmed they’ll announce it, he’s not going to leak that they have a tour planned before it’s confirmed.
  10. He’s back, they just don’t want to announce it right now
  11. Duck blink, drop the box car song today
  12. They could have knowledge of it happening doesn’t mean they will be the one to reveal it.
  13. To be fair, q101 was hyping this up for days well before the bio change and before everyone else picked it up. I believe her when she says they’re just waiting on the band now. funko time or bust ;_;
  14. Ffs "Blink 182, the original lineup is back together... just waiting on the official word"
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