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  1. Then when Joe covered it when they came out he never mentioned Tom or To the Stars, just "the times article"
  2. I couldn’t get through it, Bert sounds awful.
  3. I’d kill for one of these shows
  4. I’d kill for one of these shows
  5. This soon? 2 years later? They’ve known for a while I’m sure.
  6. ava still follows Tom, doesn't seem too bad lol
  7. I remember someone saying they bumped into Tom and Jen together a few months back, maybe this is the girl he thought was Jen lol
  8. I saw them in Milwaukee, weird short set, no acoustic session either ;_; I wanted to hear Overload and kiss and tell, do it for me now, etc, but it was good to see Tom on stage again. Probably should’ve just waited for a headline show.
  9. What the hell was that lol. No emotion, I couldn’t even get through it. I’ll wait for the studio version I guess but it sounds absolutely awful even for The chainsmokers.
  10. His hair is thinning for sure but his hairline itself seems pretty much the same?? He always had a high hairline masked when his hair is longer. What year is that shitty AvA I miss you video on YouTube? Early 2008? Looks worse/similar to how it does now. Then in 2009-2010 looked a lot better when he grew out his bangs and straightened his hair. Anyway they old
  11. I think it's just because they aren't the main acts. Openers usually don't do VIP stuff do they?
  12. I wonder what the set will be like for these shows they open for cage the elephant
  13. Tom acted in the alternate video for Everything’s Magic (Uk version?) where he climbs in a tree to spy on a girl and shit, riding a bike around and shiz. edit: already posted whoops lol. But yea. Also Is the video just a video or is he implying Jen shut down his music career with the girl pulling the plug?
  14. He’s already said Summer 2020..
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