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  1. I wonder if they use lossless files for this then, which would make it the only way to get them for DED 🤔
  2. Singer for Circa Survive, Saosin, The Sound of Animals Fighting, and solo projects. He's the one Tom mentioned in an interview when asked who'd he want to feature on a new Box Car Racer album back when he seemed to be teasing at doing it again during the anniversary a couple years ago. https://www.altpress.com/news/tom_delonge_looks_back_at_box_car_racer/
  3. Anthony Green dropping hot takes https://twitter.com/AnthonyGreen/status/1141040731269808128?s=20 Started out with him celebrating Dude Ranch - https://twitter.com/AnthonyGreen/status/1140676252526940160 then someone said where would we all be without blink
  4. in that random magazine/motorcycle doc Tom did recently he basically talks about it, without outright saying it, gets real emotional saying he had a really rough year emotionally and what not.
  5. I mean he also says it's not a concious thing and that's just how he sings and he doesn't feel comfortable trying to sing like a young kid anymore because it wouldn't feel genuine. That seems honest to me, he violin stuff seemed like he was just being his cheeky self to the interviewer that shit doesn't translate well to reading text.
  6. I liked this bit, Regarding Blink, it’s really interesting that you said, “I love what they’re doing.” That’s a pretty big to say because I would think that if there’s another guy singing your music, Matt Skiba … You journalist, you’re trying to push buttons. So transparent. It’s true, though! No, I don’t care. I’m a confident guy. I like what I do regardless if people like it or not. I don’t need admiration or people clapping or cheering at me. I don’t need that validation from an audience. I love the fact that they have a way to do what they love. That’s what I care about. I love that they don’t have to wait for me or rely on me depending on when I can or can’t do something. That’s frustrating for them. Do we have differences in what we like musically? Absolutely. But it’s not like my ideas are any better, or something. They’re just different.
  7. Pretty much, but I definitely do prefer Rebel Girl, swoon at Tom’s guitar
  8. Enema for the whole tour... I wonder what the riot fest announcement is then?
  9. Huh? I think Mark is simply talking about all these rumors saying they are planning to get back rogether with the original lineup. Doesn't say anything about talking to Tom at all. Tom said he plans to come back in the future when it makes sense. That caused a shit storm of articles saying soon but obviously Tom was talking years down the line. Hasn't even started touring or releasing the AvA stuff even yet. Plus Everytime Tom talks about coming back he says it about talking to travis, he probably hasn't talked to Mark about it lol But anyway, unless thwre is more in the interview thann the quote he was just denying the rumors not talking to tom.
  10. he was into all the same shit the entire time he was in blink before. There was that bonus video on urethra 2 where he spends like 15min talking about conspiracies and showing his book collection.
  11. The interviewer never challenged or had a decent follow up to anything he said either just was like uh huh oh wow.
  12. Didn’t he say big in a different way? I took it that way, as it was special to him because of the Obama and olympics thing it reached a different emotion in people than something like ATST. He does talk big about a lot of this shit tho, like yes have dreams and work to obtain them awesome but chill out on some of the backpatting lol.
  13. Someone pointed out on Reddit that as of October 2018Tom is listed as an owner of the band, where as he is not in the February 2016 form.
  14. I'll allow it if they have Tom's An Endless Summer on there updated with some Mark and Travis in there.
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