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  1. Heard edging on the rock radio station someone put on at work a couple times, glad I haven’t worn it out and listened in a while cause it hits and makes me feel things
  2. All the news we get is new pics of Tom
  3. These drum clips they keep posting are so mid, really lowering my expectations for this album. I guess it doesn't hurt to go in with low expectations.
  4. Taylor Swift going in on ticketmaster. Much better than the defense Mark was doing. Damn guys I couldn't get tickets either, and the dynamic pricing is to stop scalpers! lol
  5. Think Jason said when Edging was released that they had 6-7 or 7-8 songs 90% done. So they probably getting close.
  6. My bank denied my dispute and shut the case for my original tickets even though I have in writing from Ticketmaster thay they were sorry about the mixup and recommending me to contact my bank to get the refund. So now im stuck with PIT (which I want) and expensive floor seats I no longer need and doubt anyone will buy. Ffffff
  7. I mean, kinda obvious, but Mark said in his twitch stream "you can suggest all the songs you want but we're playing the hits people"
  8. Mark's comment on Tom's jail post
  9. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CkRBwMkpJbu/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= "BTS > HARD AT WORK"
  10. Tom referenced both funny you say this because Tom referenced both of those songs and implied there’s worse to come -
  11. To be fair Rise has been advertising some Lifeforms 1 year box set and Tom hasn’t posted about it at all
  12. Mark himself has ranked the albums in the past, lol. Such a bizarre place
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