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  1. I will never get over how awkward it is seeing him without a guitar lol. I would think the low talking bits would be incredibly easy for him and even that sounds all over the place.
  2. It's weird Joe never acknowledges Tom when he brings up TTSA all the time nowadays. Whenever he does mention Tom's name he just talks about how he was the worst UFO guest he's ever had lol. Just doesn't seem to acknowledge him in TTSA's accomplishments when praising them.
  3. He still following mgk and such. The return of Scott is near
  4. Yeah Timebomb is bad idk why it got so much hype
  5. I can't believe Automatic wasn't a single
  6. I used some Deezer&Spotify bot on Telegram to download it with a deezer link. Listened in my car, Automatic is certified great. I like No More Guns as well. I’ll probably never listen to AFIANT again.
  7. Edit: eh nvm I’ll wait till I can give it a proper listen
  8. https://instagram.com/stories/angelsandairwavesnews/2664846167216750457?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&utm_medium=copy_link
  9. We didn’t even know Tom had personally seen him until Mark brought it up in that stream that Travis and Tom came to visit him and they talked for hours.
  10. Most people don't read or come across every interview he does. People ask him about it he responds ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. Uhhhh — DeLonge is in touch with his Blink-182 bandmates, both of whom are going through some significant life events: Travis Barker just took his first trip on an airplane since the deadly 2008 plane crash that left him and DJ AM badly burned, and Mark Hoppus is currently in treatment for lymphoma. “I was really, feverishly wanting to show Mark some of these things that I've learned and I know,” he says of wanting to aid Hoppus in his health fight. He tells me about a healer who visualized health and love, thereby curing lab mice of terminal cancer. He insists it works: "When we heard all the stories on Native Americans meditating to make it rain, we thought it was funny, a rain dance. Oh my God, they think group consciousness can manipulate the weather. But it really does work that way.”
  12. Automatic should’ve been a single
  13. Tom just replied on the live stream that the unreleased Boxcar song is not from 2002 it was recorded recently past couple years and they want to finish and put it out but basically Tom admits he’s the holdup right now cause all the stuff going on right now no time.
  14. Yeah Spellbound is bad. Next please
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