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  1. Tom keeps posting pics working from the studio, mic, guitars. He’s not saying what for tho 👀
  2. Tom’s latest insta in the studio, time to sing. Hmmmm. https://www.instagram.com/p/CfCVJZ7JLbu/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  3. apparently there is a “Live with Tom” at 9amPT for TEC members. edit: supposedly postponed at the start of it because Tom had minor surgery to fix a nerve in his neck yesterday and is super swollen/not feeling well, so nvm.
  4. Their debut Album Rouge Carpet Disaster came out and it's incredible. These guys hit the nostalgia bone of mid 00s Post Hardcore/emo so well. AOTY so far for me
  5. Not a surprise but starting to think Tom is a big lying meanie pants.
  6. Really cool Interview with Rick Devoe about blink.
  7. Yeah, no. The unclassified bits of testimony of the pilots and the radar data matches nothing like a bird whatsoever. There's a bunch of weird stuff coming out too. https://thedebrief.org/incident-aboard-the-uss-ronald-reagan-navy-witnesses-describe-2004-encounter-with-uap/
  8. I gave him thay Instagram post like whatever, he wants people to invest in his entertainment company if MoC turns out good maybe he can get some of that, didn't think it was even directed towards fans imo. but holy fucking hell that webpage is disgusting. Fuck off entirely.
  9. Dude from the black keys on Joe Rogan just credited Tom for telling him when the coronavirus was going to hit 👀
  10. Last time Tom spoke of that BCR song he said the 20th anniversary is a good time to release it but man we a month away and no dumb teasing has me worried it's not coming
  11. Mark told Tom to following him on Twitter the other day and he still hasn’t 😬 reunion cancelled
  12. Bits from his other posts. [quote]I don’t mean to be too coy in other tour news, but I heard about a tour being billed as a “reunion tour” for later this year that has me very excited. So, fingers crossed on that little birdie.[/quote] //next week [quote]The tour I hinted at a few weeks back? I got confirmation it’s happening later this year. This is going to be a big one.[/quote] //next week [quote]This morning, I interviewed one of the bands that will be opening for [REDACTED 🙄] on some of their reunion dates later this year. It’s been a while since I’ve done a band interview, but this is a special reunion that means a lot to me because of my history with the band for something like twenty years now. It was a whole lot of fun to chat on Zoom with the band and reminisce a little bit while talking about the future and this new opportunity. The announcement and interview should be coming in March, so keep your eyes open for that one. (And no, this isn’t even the reunion tour I was hinting at last week. I’m telling you: fun stuff is coming this year!)[/quote] This is combination with Tom recently saying in an interview he has to schedule his TTS stuff around some other things he has going on later this year 👀
  13. Where's this Jason Tate teasing at? Hype speculation is the only exciting times
  14. Reddit is saying on marks stream he said they haven’t even started any new blink music. This mean everything they did is scrapped? Hell didn’t Matt say it was done a while ago? lol…. o.o
  15. Travis posting a pic of blink, Mark reposting it saying he’ll tell his kids this is blink, Travis posting the flaming FUCK sign right after, the time has come. 🤲
  16. Imagine joining AvA and expecting anything out of it knowing it’s history
  17. Sorry guys, Tom and Travis don’t have time. They’ll be touring box car racer 20 year after the AvA Europe tour
  18. Does Skiba have a history of trolling like that?
  19. I will never get over how awkward it is seeing him without a guitar lol. I would think the low talking bits would be incredibly easy for him and even that sounds all over the place.
  20. It's weird Joe never acknowledges Tom when he brings up TTSA all the time nowadays. Whenever he does mention Tom's name he just talks about how he was the worst UFO guest he's ever had lol. Just doesn't seem to acknowledge him in TTSA's accomplishments when praising them.
  21. He still following mgk and such. The return of Scott is near
  22. Yeah Timebomb is bad idk why it got so much hype
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