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  1. @The Bean Twiddler we got em boys
  2. And so the search finally stops. Thanks to everyone who tried to help anyway. This one will be the "release date", since they probably gave out the cassettes in the following days as no cover art or inserts were added.
  3. Would be awesome, doubt they'll ever do it though we can't even get Uranus on streaming services
  4. It certainly wasn't a big release, but it had to be recorded and distributed to friends&family at some point. And that "some point" was between May (Flyswatter) and December (Buddha recording sessions begin) of 1993.
  5. Honestly that's what I thought too, but I'm not giving up yet
  6. Does anyone know when Demo #2 was exactly released? I know it was in 1993, but it seems nearly impossible to narrow it down even to a specific month. Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated (yes, I asked daveyjones. no, he didn't know either.)
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