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  1. yet to see if this is a hot take or not yet but this album has entered into my top 3 and it's fighting TOYPAJ for second
  2. the little synth melody at the beginning is so pretty. the song just keeps growing on me more and more with each listen. i really like it
  3. isn't Nickleback alternative's Nickleback?
  4. idk i fuck with it. i dig the synths, definitely think there could be more guitar. LOVE that it's not so overproduced that you can't tell mark and matt apart. it's definitely grown on me. the outro is almost exactly the same as drug tho lmao
  5. i feel like his answer for the last time he saw Tom changes every time he's asked
  6. idk man i feel like new blink is always a valid reason to stay up late
  7. if there's people that are upset about the tour purely because lil wayne is black, then this fanbase is even more stupid than i thought it was
  8. i really can't comprehend why people are so upset over this tour (besides the ticket prices, christ). i personally can't stand lil wayne, but people are acting like blink didn't tour with cypress hill back in 04, what makes that any different lmao
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