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  1. disaster is amazing!! frickin love the intro and the chorus!!
  2. it's not an audio glitch, it's just an intentional voice crack from tom, at the same time as the bass drum hits.
  3. these reviews make me so fucking excited for the EP!
  4. Well why did you even go? Like, what did you expect?
  5. yeah the g-string is definitely out of tune. but i also think they did it on purpose. gives the riff kind of a raw vintage feel. like playing on a really old guitar you found in the attic or something
  6. @ oliver: yeah i know what you mean, but i guess you just don't listen to many fingerpicking songs. there are SO many songs with similar picking patterns! i bet there are thousands of songs with the picking pattern of "dust in the wind", but "boxing day" doesn't even sound that close!
  7. yeah i'm with you on the "when i was young" verses. and you're right, 3€ is a steal, just preordered as well!
  8. not at all. it's just both in the key of G. the chords are not the same, the picking patters are not the same. (listen to the picking pattern of the bass notes) the high notes are different as well. i honestly don't know how you can say they sound the same.
  9. Dude, you cannot be serious! It's just some fingerpicking and not even close to Dust in the Wind. I can guarantee you there will be no lawsuit.
  10. i'm not sure about "when i was young". it reminds me too much of this: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Em2K-yaRBOI&feature=player_detailpage#t=68s i think disaster and pretty little girl sound better
  11. https://itunes.apple...-ep/id586491886 Opinions? I think Disaster and Pretty Little Girl sound amazing! EDIT: here are all the previews in one soundcloud file: />https://soundcloud.com/a55va6/blink-182-dogs-eating-dogs-ep
  12. Check out the iTunes previews for the whole EP!! />https://itunes.apple.com/de/album/dogs-eating-dogs-ep/id586491886
  13. exactly! i see no fault on the officers part. travis shouldnt act like he's above the law.
  14. everyones entitled to their own opinion, BUT kaleidoscope is fucking awesome!
  15. i guess heres proof of ava being on "hoppus on music": http://www.facebook.com/angelsandairwaves sorry if it was posted before ninja edit:
  16. awesome! thanks a lot you guys i'm really glad you liked my version!
  17. so, i tried to change things up a bit with my newest cover, mh 4.18.2011 added some other instruments, made the verses really stripped down, changed the whole feeling of the song. what do you think of it?
  18. dude no! its such a piece of crap, i think it's the first one i ever did.
  19. everyone chillax great job on that cover aria, but seriously, work on your accent man!
  20. thanks guys for your words i didnt finish my neighborhoods cover yet, so i don't have the songs packed in a .rar file. but a buddy of mine set up a huge ass page with all my stuff, you might wanna check it out: http://www.facebook.com/notes/sebastian-spagnolo/songs-covered-by-odi-acoustic/10150362707538125 and thanks for your input, i don't take it the wrong way at all, actually i also kind of felt that some of my new stuff sounded a bit too similar. i mean i still like it all, but i wanna change some things up a bit i tried to make my "kaleidoscope" cover sound a bit darker for example: well thanks again, i'm really happy that some of you enjoy my covers
  21. yeah, i laughed at that! the review was total crap.
  22. i covered "snake charmer" yesterday, thought some of you might wanna check it out
  23. in the recent interviews i kinda don't like how tom says that he wants to push the band FORWARD musically, and mark is happy where he's at. forward, like that's the way to go. in my opinion some stuff that mark and travis do are way more creative and experimental than anything tom has done with angels and airwaves. with that said, it's always best when the three come together
  24. No come on dude, you're being mean!! here you go, buddy: http://bit.ly/9R0c1v
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