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  1. Nobody should care about a teleprompter. It’s not gonna change the show for the worse in anyway. Just fun calling out the people who trashed Skiba but defend Tom for the same thing.
  2. It had the lyrics to dumpweed on it
  3. Did you not see the part of my comment i put in spoilers? Have another look.
  4. Jan must be so heartbroken about Tom in blink right now. Tom is merely a cardboard cutout in his eyes.
  5. I’ve been riding that cunt for months.
  6. I still reckon we get the album a week before the tour kicks off.
  7. I saw that theory posted on Reddit when people were discussing last weeks ep. I didn’t pick up on it all.
  8. Eh not really but also i was just saying it’s likely champ and lots of others wouldn’t get it.
  9. Diddy you are vastly overestimating how much anyone here gives a shit about mgk. We liked the first album he did with Travis. Nobody gave a fuck about him or some beef he had with other rappers before hand or after. Nobody.
  10. Bella is a fantastic Ellie. She’s doing a great job. So far all the casting has been amazing.
  11. Another great ep. Loved all the callbacks to the game. The flashback opening was fantastic as well.
  12. Pretty sure it’s Monday aye mate.
  13. We’ve heard one song. Settle.
  14. Radio is great, being overplayed doesn’t change that. I also knew there wouldn’t be many Dan songs on my list so I threw him a bone early. I think it’s great. Great melody and chorus.
  15. Goddamit : clavicle nose over tail my little needle cringe trouble breathing Maybe I’ll catch fire: radio You’ve got so far to go fuck you aurora sleepyhead she took him to the lake From here to infirmary: steamer trunk Bloodied up stupid kid Trucks and trains mr chainsaw Good Mourning: We’ve had enough this could be love blue in the face Continental one hundred stories Crimson: sadie Back to hell Mercy me fall victim dethbed Remains: jacked on green beers Queen of pain metro Warbrain rooftops hell yes Agony and Irony: I found away into the night help me Love love kiss kiss over and out This addiction: American scream this addiction Pass the rest Damnesia: held her in my arms olde English 800 My shame is true: Kiss you to death broken wing i, pessimist She lied to the fbi One last dance Is this thing cursed: krystalline demon and division Heart attacks little help Sweet vampires
  16. We’ve known this for a long time.
  17. Albums not in release order either. what the fuck Jan sort your shit out.
  18. @Low Value Boydid you see it yet?
  19. It’s a messy timeline but I think there was a period where Mark said Matt was taking covid/lockdowns very seriously so wasn’t up for going to the studio and was just writing at home and then eventually we started getting photos and videos of Matt in Feldy’s studio writing/recording guitars and then that’s when Mark started mentioning an EP/album more frequently.
  20. Mando season 3 trailer looks awesome. March release date too. Big year for Pedro.
  21. This was very recently, over Christmas and New years. That’s where we eloped. And no, never heard Edging. Lots of Taylor swit and some very crappy pop stuff.
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