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  1. Lol yep. And paid DLC of two new songs a week after release.
  2. Yeah definitely seems like it. Happened a week or so ago people started noticing the Spotify/apple music versions were sounding slightly different with the drums being not so in your face as they were before.
  3. Outside of the WWWY chorus I don’t think it sounds bad at all anymore. The new mix that went up on streaming pulled the drums back and it sounds great. Used good speakers, good headphones, cheap headphones, car. My vinyl came in the other day and that sounds great too.
  4. Cheshire Cat is a lot better than you cunts give it credit for.
  5. CC versions of this song is my favourite from this time period. So damn good!
  6. See You and Cut Me Off have grown on me a lot. Haven’t listened to them anywhere near as much as the rest do the album but I’ve been throwing the deluxe version on shuffle lately so they’ve been pooping up. Definitely on the lower end still but might change as I get more and more used to them being apart of the album.
  7. Where have you been for the last 8 years? Matt Skiba Fan 666 loves all blink.
  8. Album full of 10/10’s with a deluxe edition full of 9/10’s. Can’t wait.
  9. Bought a ticket to a 5th show btw 💪🤘
  10. They called it deluxe when they sold it on the blink store right? Is it just apple/spotify being late?
  11. Can’t deny the chorus is catchy as fuck. Find myself singing it all the time.
  12. Only song I find myself considering skipping when it starts is OMT and that’s just cause I played the shit out of it. Never do though. Once marks verse starts I’m all in once again.
  13. Generational divide was about mark and his kid having different tastes in music. The fuck you on about?
  14. Just listened to a good chunk of the album while driving and I definitely think it’s a new mix. Drums were way less noticeable.
  15. Jan : spends 2 years shit talking Travis, saying he should be kicked out of the band, that he is the problem, shit producer etc Travis : shut up you talk too much Jan : how fucking dare he!?
  16. They took down the atmos version last week so doubt that’s what you or anyone is hearing different. Could definitely just be getting used to it though but I dunno. I noticed some bits I hadn’t before listening through the same phone and headphones 🤷‍♂️
  17. Yeah mine is going to be so wrong too Spotify stops counting for the year today as well so I’ve officially left myself no time.
  18. Sussed AP3, Turpentine and Otherside. Definitely think it sounds better than last time I listened on Apple Music. Not sure if that’s just placebo, listening on headphones after only in car for a bit or they have actually updated it. The new version of the album with the bonus songs has all the credits up now so that might suggest a new upload of all the songs.
  19. Yeah just saw on Reddit. Spotify has changed. I’ve just been listening to the cd lately so haven’t noticed the difference on Apple yet.
  20. It was more like 2 pages but whatever lol. I trimmed these quotes down to the funny moments. Jan was so mean to me back then.
  21. Great song! One of my favs on this album.
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