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  1. what the fuck is 311
  2. You two should grab a beer together!
  3. Ouch.
  4. Was between AoT and ET. Went for AoT even though ET feels quite demo-ish.
  5. These guys are about to start the investigation, might take months. So while it may seem the story has vanished, the opposite is true.
  6. Wawrinka didn't stand a chance today! What a beast, 10 times RG! Unbelievable.
  7. What do you guys think of the list?
  8. This could get interesting.
  9. Only 20 years old! Really nice match. Tomorrow NADAL
  10. Women's final is quite nice.
  11. Apparently Comey is a liar
  12. Looks like Nadal got this one.