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  1. Yeah Mark's struggling in some songs
  2. Yeah its really audible in the outro.
  3. They opened with it.
  4. Wtf! Im goin crazy!
  5. Are you guys they'll play tonight? I dont see them scheduled on the site?
  6. Lmao did you even read the article or just looked at the headline. Guessing the latter.
  7. Is Trump Cartman from Southpark
  8. Lmao
  9. like this
  10. Ah yeah, haha the truck driver and the selfie girl! I lolled
  11. Just watched it! Good movie! The story is rather straightforward, good vs bad is very black and white. Just a nitpick, but in several parts the soundtrack didn't really work. 7.5/10
  12. #tomsvoice
  13. love this band