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  1. Lorde!
  2. I like them both! Went for MH.
  3. Man this thread made go back and listen to old LP. Haven't heard the songs in over a decade! They have some decent shit even though it seemed to be targeted at fat angry emo chicks.
  4. dont show em your boner
  5. CRAAAAWLING IN MYYYY SKIIIIIN!! My jam back in high school lol.
  6. Wasn't that bad, better than F6 and F7. It was a nice mix of action (i.e. over the top ridiculous stunts) and humor. But yeah, just watch it if you're into the series. 6.5/10
  7. About to see Fast 8
  8. Theyy played HISAP last night?
  9. he has a point.
  10. Most songs feel in demo condition on Hoods, but they're enjoyable and some of them are very strong!
  11. Logan - Wolverine going bat shit crazy is pretty bad ass! Had some good drama as well. 7.5-8.0/10
  12. They rocked this cover
  13. Stumbled on this cover