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  1. The only song on Neighborhoods I thought could have used more work was actually Hearts All Gone.... Mostly just the vocals, there was an obvious vocal cut where mark said "THE VEINS YOU CUT" and his enunciation sounded weird at certain parts.
  2. I absolutely believe that one of the conversations happened back when the whole debate was going on if Mark said "Hadn't or Haven't" back when most people said Tom was lying about talking to Mark.
  3. Here's your letter might be my favorite blink song of all time with Not Now and Natives
  4. I am really digging this tune I like it a lot! A parking-LOT! wtf am I saying. Anyways good stuff. I like the interesting change ups in the song and not sure if this has already been mentioned but this is the only song I can think of off hand where Matt starts singing first. I also really love his vocal style on this one. (I do know on "Hey I'm sorry" you hear his woahs first but I don't really count that) I think this song will only get better with more listens too. Time will tell.
  5. The Energy, The Hair Styles, The Dark overtones, The aggresive vocals, The Self titled Era This will always be blinks peak to me. Saw them live in san diego in 2004, changed my fucking life. I want to see the rest of this show so bad.
  6. Gotta share my thoughts on Motion City Soundtrack. First song I ever heard was "Hold me down" many many years ago and thought it was fantastic but didn't really look into the band. A long time later when My Dinosaur Life was out I gave it a listen and was completely blown away...FINALLY a band that made GOOD pop punk with meaning and does not have a shit singer/lyricist. That album was a near perfect album in my mind and I thought it could not get any better...HOLY SHIT WAS I FUCKING WRONG! I got into Commit this to Memory and Even if it Kills Me and those albums were EVEN BETTER to me that my dinosaur life. Commit this to Memory is easily on my top 5 favorite albums of all time. One thing I really love about motion city is they have these amazing double choruses that life you to an even higher place than the first chorus. Motion City quickly became my second favorite band of all time. Go, and Panic Stations (while not as good as previous albums in my opinion) Are still both amazing. Motion city has the best track record next to blink for having songs I like. Similarly to blink there is not one song they have put out that I can say I dislike.
  7. Thanks, I can see that standpoint I added my own flare to the drums that probably sounds weird compared to the original and probably had some minor timing issues here and there. Thanks for the feedback.
  8. Thanks, I did throw it together fairly quickly. Would you mind letting me know where it fell short? Just curious.
  9. Let me know what you think!
  10. Yo guys, here is my youtube channel for those interested. I have a bunch of random stuff on here. Reviews, Short films, Animations, Covers (including blink songs) and stuff like that.
  11. Sup Guys? I covered Dick lips on guitar.
  12. What is funny is that the only one I have not yet met is Tom...and I have ALMOST met him like 3 times but it always fell through. He should be the easiest to meet because he lives closest to me and I have visited his shop multiple times. I find it Ironic that I met Travis and Mark first.
  13. Haha, it probably all depends on how much money they are willing to shell out. The safari park has actually been pretty dead the last few days, pretty low attendance so it was a pretty laid back experience. There were not many people around when him and his family showed up which made it far more personal which was rad.
  14. He did not appear to get any sort of special treatment, they were just walking around like everyday visitors. They looked like they were attending something close to my booth called flightline/jungle ropes. It was cool, they walked by my booth several times and it was rad hearing them just have everyday family type conversations. There was a kid with them that I am pretty sure was Jack. He is getting tall. Across from my booth is a facepainting booth and apperently Mark jokingly asked if they could do a facepaint of a skull and cross bones and a bat or something like that haha.