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  1. some of these look interesting, is there a written list so i can see more what they are about? I like do like that they have the lcd soundsystem documentary on there
  2. oh wait there isnt a gold there is black and yellow, or gold i guess
  3. I think the yellow is.
  4. I also saw them a few days ago. amazing show. Kept yelling for them to play skeleton but it was a no go . Love the new album been listening to it alot since it came out.
  5. no, ive never heard of it. I will check it out though
  6. yea she really is a great actress. I wanna see the newish movie she's in. Safety not guarented. She has like a main role so that would be cool to see since she usually doesnt have that big of parts in stuff
  7. love this guy, I have the blue one. Ive never seen these videos before. but yes I fucking love Aubrey Plaza
  8. yea, its probs not worth 50 dollars its been pressed in about every color possible and I think the most common is the blue.
  9. deffinatley creepy, i remember when ever i'd drop my furby it made this crazzzy noise forever
  10. Balance and Composure - Separation Now, Now - Threads These have been it for me also id say Gotye - Making Mirrors is up there too
  11. Brink is the shit, I wish i could find some of these movies to watch since disney channel never plays any good ones. I really wanna watch Susie Q
  12. poor patrick, if anyone deserves all the shit for FOB it is pete wentz. and im sure any new FOB would be shit. FUCT was there last good album
  13. You'll make more money on ebay no, there was one on there a few weeks ago for about 600 and no one bought it.
  14. line up released: pretty great line up. Hopefully going
  15. Grimes - Visions (the album)