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  1. Haha hey. I wish, those days are far gone.
  2. Is the song a little underwhelming? Yes. Is it still good? Yes. Does it make me want the prick who used the band to pay to pay for Ava nonsense back? No. Is Feldman's production a little cleaner than we are used too? Yes. Is it bad? No. Yay
  3. I get goosebumps hearing Skiba's "Fucking rabbit hole" at the end
  4. It looks like the tattoo artist found it hard as hell to commit.
  5. Forget about the demo, I want the full picture from that first post.
  6. 5 songs that I think any blink fan that hasn't heard alkaline should listen to: Time to waste mercy me help me stupid kid private eye Most relatable to to blink for me at least.
  7. http://i62.tinypic.com/nywlfs.png
  8. Good to see Mark is already working on music, just took a picture of some recording stuff on snapchat.
  9. I'm so lost. What the fuck is going on. Why is everything so ambiguous and secretive? in what world does Tom post more shit on Twitter than Mark?
  10. Regardless of all the new material, "Not Now" was the final blink song, neighborhoods was a ruse, still had some good moments but no heart or ownership from the three as a collective unit. Let the next chapter begin, finally.
  11. I wish this would have happened a year or two ago. Fucking Tom. Lol hope he finds everything he's looking for in ava. Until the cash dries up at least
  12. No they need to continue blink 182 as a "fuck you" to Tom and the shit he pulled to his band mates and fans. He turned the band into a prolonged abomination and good on Mark & Travis for keeping on. At this point blink is bigger than Tom, would I have said that before the first breakup? Probably not... But he whore'd out the blink name for funding to his project. Fuck that guy.
  13. As someone who doesn't post a lot here, I can say its worth sifting through the pages of shit to see a community of people that care about one of my favorite bands... Even if said band may almost be over with lol General discussion isn't the hero this forum wants, its the hero this forum needs. *Batman music*