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  1. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    Speaking of , I would love to see their reaction to this video
  2. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    Jesus Christ...dudes lost the plot
  3. Tom Petty has died.

    I enjoy a bit of his music, but this is the first video and song that I remember hearing from him.
  4. Annual - List Your Top 10 Blink songs!

    Not in any order but here they are Dumpweed Enthused Don't Leave Me Mutt Man Overboard Easy Target Apple Shampoo Feeling This Wendy Clear Going Away to College Just missed the cut: Aliens Exist, Pathetic, Every time I look for you, Not Now, Kaleidoscope, Online Songs, Wasting Time
  5. California (1 year later)

    Still enjoy it, but have not listened to it in some time now.
  6. He's got the Popeye look going
  7. New Linkin Park

    Cant believe this
  8. California Deluxe Album

    Misery, Wildfire, 6/8, Hey I'm Sorry and Last Train Home are my go to songs off the Deluxe.
  9. Anthem, cant believe Dumpweed is getting votes, probably my favorite blink song.
  10. I really enjoyed that.
  11. Same, I just love Disaster, and Kaleidoscope is a close second.
  12. I grew up listening to 90's grunge and enjoyed Soundgarden have a couple of their albums. Black Hole Sun, and Spoonman were my jams back in the day. This is sad, he was way too young. Another grunge act gone too soon, not sure who is left.