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  1. It doesn't match the shoes I typically wear
  2. It's a pain in the ass to watch videos when you're out in a public setting.
  3. Alright that gave me a chuckle. Your editing gave me an Afro though.
  4. If we're going to solely judge based off of guitar skills, awesome. Guitar playing isn't something that you can really fix overnight, so there would be no advantage if Oliver wanted to redo something and have some fun with this. It shouldn't matter what Oliver decides to do, especially since this isn't the grandest of competitions. Sidenote: people have already voted in the new poll. Rolling my eyes pretty good
  5. I didn't say anything about people who are legitimate or not. You're talking to somebody who rolls their eyes at both sides.
  6. There seems to be a mixup here. If people are going to actually vote based off of guitar skill, then fine, so be it. There's no problem there. That's not what he's afraid of. However, if people aren't going to be voting based off of that, then don't give Oliver a hard time when he is on the fence about adjusting for the competition that he wasn't prepared for. (This isnt specifically directed at you)
  7. There's always talk of any side trying to impeach the other, no matter who's in office.
  8. Again, it's quite clear here that Oliver took the competition in as a battle over who can play guitar better and not a battle over who can make the best comedy.
  9. There's a lot of trash on the right side of the spectrum. So it wouldn't surprise me if the guy is that, but it also wouldn't surprise me if he's normal. I'm out right now, so I can't really dive into it until I get home
  10. Yes they would.
  11. Yes, it's different. But it's still quite doable even to do that for somebody who's not the god status that many assume you have to be for the role.
  12. Why not? I'm sure you've been to a concert where the band pulls somebody from the crowd, gives them the guitar, and tells them to play the song. While I'd be nervous as hell, it's very realistic for somebody who's not "God status" to be able to do it. Anyways. Let the competition go on.
  13. Give the dude a break. He's put in a position where he either loses (because people will vote based off of entertainment value), or has to change up his original video. It should be quite clear that Oliver's hardship here isn't due to him being a "pussy", as we all are fully aware of how he took in the competition.
  14. I don't know too much about Alex Jones really, I've never really looked into his viewpoints or watched his videos
  15. I'm taking the opportunity here to show that I condemn the hell out of that.