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  1. California (1 year later)

    Shhh you don't want to melt anybody by such violent statements
  2. California (1 year later)

    I think the album's meh, but I agree with Nasa in that it doesn't hurt to have it in their catalog. My biggest complaint is how the band was trying to conform to sounds of less popular bands. Made no sense. My second biggest complaint would be Feldmann who kind of took control and tainted things a bit. I even recorded a demo to see if I could pull a Feldman http://www.mediafire.com/file/8s2btd1h2bkx2v7/Demo+20170918.mp3 In all seriousness, the album has Bored to Death and Hey I'm Sorry, which are decent. But something important that the album is lacking is that feel/good party vibe, which is what you get out of the intro from a song like First Date or This is Home. For the band's next album, they really need to just loop there shit for hours and figure out things that are catchy. That was what Tom did and it worked wonders for him, both riff wise and melody wise.
  3. The "Donald Trump" Thread

    I remember you saying something good about them 11 years ago.
  4. The "Donald Trump" Thread

    If I'm being honest, I come here to this section because I'm an observant person, and I enjoy learning more about how people like this work. Self-interest, a craving for companionship, a fear of being alone, a fear of conflict towards those who get along elsewhere, and a desire of feeling morally right at all costs -these are just a few factors that have led people to sellout their values, glance over blatant facts that are inconvenient to them, and refuse to acknowledge when certain branches of a debate tree are already addressed or irrelevant.
  5. The "Donald Trump" Thread

    The interesting thing here -I explained a pretty damned good reason for why the wall is a good idea, and I brought up an overwhelming amount of issues that illegal immigrants face. People would rather dodge that conversation and instead talk about "racists" who support the wall for other reasons. I've also constantly brought up how people in China are paying for a significant amount of our iPhones by working slaves wages, and yet, that seems to brush over your heads.
  6. The "Donald Trump" Thread

    We've gone over this one before. "Expensive for what it's worth". If the workers in china were paid what they should be getting paid, then you'd be paying more for your iPhone and the workers in China would be paying less for your iPhone.
  7. The "Donald Trump" Thread

    It always gets me how people don't understand how much wealth they have in the US. We have people working slave wages in china paying for our iPhones, illegal immigrants getting sucked into slave wages (in our own damned country), 1/3 of people malnutritioned around the globe, and people working jobs harder than anybody on these boards can imagine only to be getting paid less in other countries. Luckily in the US, we have the idea of fraud through victimhood, socialist ideas for people's own direct self-interest, people overfed beyond belief, and (the cherry to top this cake off) people in our country deploying the body positivity movement to promote it.
  8. The "Donald Trump" Thread

    If you can work your way up to be President of the United States, the greatest and freest country in history, then you're not stupid.
  9. The "Donald Trump" Thread

    Ghent 101: When plan F doesn't work, distort a previous discussion
  10. The "Donald Trump" Thread

    And this is you pulling the "poopeyhead" card again.
  11. The "Donald Trump" Thread

    Ive been making my point from the very beginning, and yet, it still gets quoted and invokes a response from you.
  12. The "Donald Trump" Thread

    It doesn't mean it's correct for you to say somebody is a "racist towards Mexicans". You can keep trying as hard as you can to lump everybody who illegally crosses the US Mexico border as "Mexican", but no matter how much you want to bin these people, it is incorrect what you're doing.
  13. The "Donald Trump" Thread

    I'm not ignoring it. Im saying that skin color has nothing to do with the fact that you can only clump those that illegally sneak into the United States across the US Mexico border as "those that illegally sneak into the United States across the US Mexico border", as this is a very diverse group of people both racially and ethnically.
  14. The "Donald Trump" Thread

    Again... I never said I ignored anything about skin color. I haven't mentioned skin color at all in this conversation.