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  1. No, you just don't like the fact that you've been called out. I know this because you quote me all the time and you're interested in discussing material then. You could learn a few things from what I said; it was tailored just for you. The fact that you refuse to read it further supports what I was talking about.
  2. @OliverTrump I advise you to go back and look at my post that you couldn't even read.
  3. I'm saying you decided to take a stance against me.
  4. Again, instead of bringing anything of value to the discussion, you keep continuing on with your shtick. It's like you read my post and decided to do exactly what I condemned.
  5. You're just continueing with the same shtick.
  6. That's exactly what I expected of you. Even though it was addressed for you.
  7. You took the opportunity to quote my post, and rather than respond to it with anything of value, you decided to pull your normal shtick of insulting it instead.
  8. Like I said, Ghent, simply rooting for your side and bashing the other side at any chance you get is a really low-level way of going about anything.
  9. Opinion always stems from self-interest. It's a fundamental primitive flaw that human beings all have. Self-interest can range from wanting more money, to wanting your football team to win, to wanting to be associated with a smarter way of thinking, to wanting to be a credible person, etc. You can't eliminate self-interest; you must manage it. "Play" yourself if you must, by setting your self-interest to be something that causes yourself to make opinions that are fair and just. For example, if your self-interest is to come off as smart or credible, then that will lead you to make decisions that are for the greater good. It's primitive to have the self-interest be for your own team. Simply rooting for your side and bashing the other side at any chance you get is a really low-level way of going about anything. I believe that many liberals today have been plagued by having a poor choice of self-interest: the greater good of the Democratic Party. Rather than letting their self-interests be more honorable ones, such as wanting to be distanced from naive ways of thinking or wanting to be credible, many instead take any opportunity they can just to simply jab the other side. It's absolutely not a matter of "right vs wrong" with many of them. It's clearly "Democrats are better than Republicans" to a lot of them. Taking things out of context just exemplifies this idea. Making the guy out to be the boogeyman who's evil also exemplifies this idea. Not even taking in what somebody is saying exemplifies this idea on a whole new level.
  10. You're going to ask him for a source? Yes, I have a 20-year peer-reviewed study from Harvard that says OliverTrump is paranoid. Good luck asking for it. You are paranoid over nothing here. Yes it's an opinion but it's pretty valid when all you do is try and make Donald Trump out to be the boogy man who decides to be malicious with every little action he takes. Let it go just once and focus on something else about the guy. What's next? "Donald Trump blew his nose and it was, like, totally in Theresa May's direction. A world leader shouldn't disrespect other world leaders."
  11. That's the thing with bullshit and credibility. If you cry wolf over nothing then nobody will buy it when you're being truthful. Anyways, I'm not really surprised by that gif. I'm sure you all have seen the video compilation of Trump pushing things away from him whenever he sits at a table. The guy likes his space. Doesn't surprise me that he wants to be up front. And by the way, we're dealing with the President of the United States (while he's on a trip that's all about him right now, from the media's perspective). Who knows what the hell was going on there.
  12. I hate to butt into this, as I haven't really been following what's been going on. But I have tons of little bills and fees mailed to me by medical practices. Some are generic things I've already paid (sent to me again by mistake), and others are just hidden extra fees. Needless to say, it's sketchy and disorganized, so I haven't bothered paying them.
  13. Oh well of course, I was just saying that picking your major is somewhat comparable to picking your salary. Connections and work ethic can make or break anything. That being said, if somebody is just an average Joe and if they want a career path that won't give them as much debt (meaning, they value the idea of not being in debt over other ideas), then it would be wise to pick a major that typically pays well on average and has a high demand.
  14. I think if somebody doesn't want to be in debt for as long, then it would be wise to perhaps pick a major that pays well and also has a high demand. Picking your major is like picking your salary in a sense. If somebody wants to pursue a career that doesn't pay well, then unfortunately, that's a sacrifice they have to make.
  15. You said that there "aren't that many jobs in such fields". I'm saying that there are plenty of jobs available for those with a degree in Computer Science. If you weren't addressing STEM majors, then nevermind what I'm saying. If you were addressing majors such as fashion design and communications, then I'd agree.