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  1. The joke that was presented to me had to deal with the shock value of it not having a damned thing to do with the conversation at stake. Go back to preaching how people "shouldn't have an open mind about Donald Trump".
  2. The humor comes from the shock value of such a random post in the middle of a completely unrelated discussion.
  3. Add this one to your "straight white male" attacks as well.
  4. The odd thing here kyle, is that you and I both know that I posted about how I read the post somewhere else and thought it was funny.
  5. Keep in mind Ghent also made this post. He has zero credibility to me when it comes to anything Trump-related.
  6. Nice try again Kyle. You're notorious for stitching in more BS to your posts.
  7. I've never understood it. It's a really cringy culture to be around when somebody makes you watch one and they've memorized a lot of the sayings.
  8. Sure, of course there are terminally-ill people out there who aren't suffering to the point that they want to be euthanized. I was under the impression that we were already talking about the group of people who are suffering greatly, and I was making my statements as if the conversation were within the scope of that group of people. If you aren't suffering (and aren't about to suffer), then euthanasia is out of the picture. I'm drawing the line between those that are suffering who are terminally ill and those that are suffering who are not terminally ill (those that are depressed to the point that they want to off themselves). If death by the condition is imminent no matter what, then I have no issue with easing the pain of their passing. I say strongly say yes to those that are painfully dying, I strongly say no to those that are depressed and want to off themselves due to their depression. The middle ground (where we haven't reached yet with the conversation) is if there were a case where somebody literally felt like glass was shredding them every single moment, but yet able to survive, and with there being no cure or ability to numb whatsoever. At that point, I think each case is an individual and I don't have a say on those. I don't think that such a minority case like that though should set policy for 99% of the other cases.
  9. I strongly believe that only terminally ill people should be "released" (you ever read The Giver, we'll go with that term). However, the only thing that would make me consider an exception would be the situation you've expressed here. Even then, the standards would have to be ridiculously high. I would probably still eventually say no.
  10. I just want to get something out of my system about Euthanasia real quick: I'm a strong believer in the concept of "Don't infringe on somebody's lifestyle unless they're wrongly infringing on somebody else's lifestyle". That's probably one of the most ground-level values that somebody can have, up there with the golden rule. It essentially means "Don't fuck with my business and I won't fuck with your business". If somebody in the U.S. wants to go live in a house somewhere in the mountains and cut themselves off from everybody else, they should be able to do that, as long as they aren't wrongly infringing on anybody, and as long as they pay taxes to contribute to the country's border that gives the people that shared safety and freedom. That being said, you might think I believe in the concept of "If somebody wants to die, they should have the right to die". You'd be wrong to assume I believe that. I strongly view depression as a force that infringes on the well-being of people. If a depressed person wants to off themselves, then I'm sorry, I feel morally obliged to involve myself with the matter if somebody else isn't doing so already. Depression is a toxic thing that infringes on the lifestyle's of people way too strongly. Chester Bennington isn't somebody that took advantage of something he felt was his right. Depression took control of this poor man's life and caused him to pass away. Same thing with drugs. You might think I believe in leaving drug addicts alone and letting addicts continue to do as much as they wish. You'd be wrong. Addiction is also a terrible force that infringes on the lives of so many people, and I think as humans we should morally be obliged to infringe on the idea of addiction. Same thing with the environment. You might think I believe in leaving heavy polluters alone, but you'd be wrong. If you pee in a communal well, you're infringing on the community. I don't need to go further into how pollution actually does infringe on people's lifestyles. However, I still think that if somebody with a terminal condition wants to euthanize themselves, then sure, they should be allowed to do so. The cause of death is their condition, and not euthanasia itself. Same thing when you put a dog down that has cancer. Cancer killed that dog. This is the limit I will go with Euthanasia, and although it's not an extreme stance, it's a strong stance.
  11. I was online lately and read that exact same post in the middle of an unrelated argument. Thought it was hilarious.
  12. Don't let this distract you from the the fact that in 1966, Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds against his old nemesis, "Spare Tire" Dixon.
  13. The world's best serial killers are the ones you don't know about. Kind of an eery thought. Anyways, back to what I think the discussion is about at this current moment (I've only skimmed the mile-long responses the past page or two). I do believe that the death penalty will frighten some people into not committing murders. It's important to prioritize innocent lives before the lives of murderers.
  14. I wish I could say. But I think within a month of knowing would be closer to a safe window. Maybe less if you find out late