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  1. This Is Home by a mile. It's one of my favorites on the album. Teenage Satellites is okay actually. Definitely one of my favorite album tracks from California. It knows it's place, and it's pretty decent. The song's not pushing to be a single. That being said, This is Home is just a really fun song. I definitely consider it one of the tracks giving Neighborhoods a good lift.
  2. Trying to pick a fight today aren't you
  3. Kaleidoscope. As expected, this song is winning by a mile.
  4. I have to say, I have never appreciated Neighborhoods as much as I have this past week. Every car ride I've had the album playing.
  5. I think I've voted all Neighborhoods, except for the first round when I voted Bored to Death.
  6. The nana's in No Future make me cringe. Hearts All Gone isn't my favorite song by any means, but it has that classic blink feel to it.
  7. I do actually like "I think I like today, I think it's good". It's supposed to be obnoxiously simple.
  8. Horrible. Just horrible. The only way to flush the cringe out of my system is to go listen to a song from Neighborhoods.
  9. I was responding to Kyle, you fuck
  10. "I'm a dandelion you're a 4 leaf clover." Just because it's a metaphor, doesn't mean it's clever. No need to smile, breathe in deeply, and congratulate yourself for figuring out what the metaphor means either. I'm not going to shit on it because it's overrated. I think it's just a normal line to tell you the truth. I'm just going to hear it and think "just part of the song". Nothing good nothing great.
  11. Kevin's pretty brutal towards some of the business owners that come in. Makes good entertainment imo
  12. The "sharks" are a bunch of millionaire and billionaire entrepreneurs that listen to business owners pitch their companies to them. The goal is to have one of the sharks invest money and themselves into the company.
  13. Sober is the star of a high school baseball team, whereas Snake Charmer is batting 7th in the lineup for a team in the MLB. Just a damn good song that plays the role of a blink-182 album track pretty well
  14. In all seriousness, it's misguided to make it out that the passenger was in the wrong here in any way, shape, or form. I kind of want to call United Airlines and chew out their upper management
  15. United Airline's response to Pepsi: "hold my beer"