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  1. Team1: @NealMcBealTheNavySeal @madgaz182 @Clarke @thongrider Team2: @Olidamus @Nosferatu @Clarkerpes @daveyjones Team 3: @CuteBilly182 @dildo69er @Sebastián @Nshesaid @Ghost 15 second preview from each team. Each team will provide a preview at the same time. This will be considered the halfway mark, and it will let teams know if they need to step it up. Hey guys, I'm setting the date of this to be January 16th. Simply provide a preview of what you are working on. I will create a thread with the previews on the 17th, and teams will be anonymous.
  2. I knew Ghost was tentative to begin with, so I made the teams with the anticipation that he wouldn't be part of the competition. Davey Jones appears to be the only person to say he's in and then bail. My team's still up and running.
  3. Hey guys, January 15th will be this: 15 second preview from each team. Each team will provide a preview at the same time. This will be considered the halfway mark, and it will let teams know if they need to step it up. Team1: @NealMcBealTheNavySeal @madgaz182 @Clarke @thongrider Team2: @Olidamus @Nosferatu @Clarkerpes @daveyjones Team 3: @CuteBilly182 @dildo69er @Sebastián @Nshesaid @Ghost
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    Deleted Threads

    False accusations, aside, again. I'll repeat what I mentioned before. There is a real world out there besides this forum. People on here have live real lives out there. People have employers that hire them, and people have careers that they work hard for. People apply to positions where their backgrounds are important. People have family. People have relationships. Unfortunately, there is content posted on the internet that can impact people's lives outside of the internet. There are real people on the internet that have the potential to cause harm to other real people outside of the internet, whether it be through tracking down the person's location with the intent to cause harm, or getting in contact with important people in their lives, or even ruining somebody's real life reputation. Because of this, the discussion has escalated to a matter of real life, where privacy and safety are crucial. If somebody posts something to the internet, they should have every right to remove their content, which is why sites like Facebook allow users to delete their posts, comments, and other content that they've posted to the site. People here have already posted with the understanding that they could always remove their content, and they should always be able to post here with that understanding. People post and discuss things that are personal to them. People post and discuss things that are revealing about their name and location. Some of these are posts, and some of these are threads where people quote and also talk about the disclosed information. People post and discuss things that could open the door for other users to infringe on other users' real lives, even if they thought it was okay to post or talk about it originally. Users on the internet should always be careful about what they post. However, if a user does post something, and if they later feel that they no longer want that content up, they absolutely should have the right to take it down. Absolutely. There's no reason for why a user shouldn't be allowed to delete their content on here. People absolutely have removed things when they have later felt that they didn't feel comfortable having that content on the internet, and that protection should always be there for our users. Privacy and safety of users in this community are two things that have to be respected, and they are two things that have to be prioritized.
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    Deleted Threads

    Ignoring the fake accusations, and looking at the actual discussion of deleting personal content: Fact of the matter is this, there's a real world besides internet forums. People have real lives, jobs, relationships, and careers. The internet has content on it that can impact the real world, and there are users on the internet that can impact somebody else's real world. People's privacy is something that absolutely should be protected. If somebody wants their content removed, they should have every right to do so. Like what Dean is saying, if somebody makes a post on Facebook, they have every right to delete the content, even if people have commented on their post. And they should have every right to do so, as the post is their's and their privacy is something that is taken into account. People on Facebook make personal posts, and people reply to those personal posts. If somebody wants that personal post removed, they can remove their post from Facebook and protect themselves. The same thing occurs here. People post personal content, people quote and reply to personal content, and people have the understanding that the content can be removed for their own protection. It doesn't matter if it's due to somebody threatening them, or due to the fear that an employer might see it, or even due to the fact that they simply feel the need to remove it. People have posted with the understanding that they can always delete their personal content if they feel the need to, and they still do. They should always be able to. If a thread is deleted, and somebody has written a novel or something and really wants their specific post back, then they should have the right to contact an admin and have a discussion about bringing that individual post back from the trash. As long as the privacy of the thread creator is protected and the post doesn't infringe on that, then I don't see why not.
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    Deleted Threads

    Nice try, Ghent.
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    I have that hat. Unfortunately, it has sedemental value to me and I would never sell it. But I figured I would post, just to let you know that there are people who have the hat and know what you're talking about. It was sold during their 2011 tour, when they would play Up All Night and Ghost on the Dancefloor to tease the crowd of their upcoming album. This is the picture I took at the concert.
  8. Alright cool. I'd love to include you with our team. Is that cool? Does anybody object or care?
  9. What instruments do you play? My team members are a little MIA at the moment, so I could be down to including you.
  10. There's no way Tom and that girl are doing anything. Are we actually questioning that?
  11. You can find a midi file, and then within a song editor, you can extract just the drum track. From there you can output it with a virtual drum instrument, and you can edit the track as well. Going into this, I figured each team would probably have trouble getting good sounding drums, so I don't think we should all be too worried
  12. Yeah I feel that. Worst case is you find MIDI files of your favorite songs, and rip the drum parts
  13. 1st Annual Blink-182Online Song Collaboration Competition Here's what's going to happen: 3 Teams are going to be writing, recording, and file sharing song ideas to produce a full-length original song that sounds like a blink song. The team's have been divided as such: Team 1: @NealMcBealTheNavySeal -Producer, drums, guitar @madgaz182 -Lead vocals, guitar, bass, backup vocals @Clarke - Producer, guitar, acoustic guitar, virtual Drums, virtual Bass, backup vocals @thongrider -Guitar, bass, backup vocals Team2: @Olidamus -Drums, lead vocals, guitar, bass. backup vocals, @Nosferatu -Lead vocals, producer, guitar, bass, backup vocals @Clarkerpes -Bass @daveyjones -guitar, bass Team 3: @CuteBilly182 -Producer, lead vocals, backup vocals, guitar, bass, virtual drums, backup vocals @dildo69er -Producer, Guitar, Bass @Sebastián -Acoustic guitar, backup vocals @Nshesaid-Guitar, acoustic guitar @Ghost -Guitar, backup vocals (if available) Each song must contain at least the following: Drums Guitar Bass Vocals Quality Each team has the resources to make that happen. However they want to divide those resources -that's on them. Let me know if I fucked up the teams. The competition should last anywhere between a month and 2 months. There will be 2 main checkpoints: 15 second preview from each team. Each team will provide a preview at the same time. This will be considered the halfway mark, and it will let teams know if they need to step it up. The final cut. Each team will send in their final production, and then I will set up a thread for voting. *The writers will be as anonymous as possible during voting. The writers will be revealed after the voting results come in. Timing will be decided on status updates that people give in this thread. More details to be provided. Good luck! Teams can decide how they want to communicate. I'd first start by at least creating a private chat on the boards.