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  1. This scene made me pee my pants.
  2. Haha yeah such a strange guy. I love Jared. He's so fucking weird and says the funniest things and the actor is fantastic
  3. Been binging Silicon valley. Man i love this show. One of few where i laugh out loud by myself every episode. About to finish season 3 then off to season 4.
  4. Its like i wrote this. 1000% agreee
  5. Out now
  6. Finished 13 reasons why. Overall its pretty good and depressing. I have to admit it was a little to high schooly drama though. I know shit like that happens but i couldnt stop thinking "get over it" and "he (zach) tried to be nice and you were a cunt" etc. But the 12th reason is legit fucked up but just get the right help. I dont know its hard it explain. Hannah is a massive drama queen.
  7. Just accept they wrote it man.
  8. The tapes can be listened to http://www.thirteenreasonswhy.com/hannahsreasons.html
  9. On ep 8 in 13 reasons why. Pretty good. I might only be watching to see wtf clay did. And the hype is real. Hope its good, if not i think the season is kinda boring because its always "the worst is yet to come!" yada yada
  10. Wizard of Lies. pretty good. wished it was more of a from beginning to end kind of story. like Wolf Of Wall Street.
  11. Saw Beauty and the beast. A total meh. Im not a big fan of these musicals. I just felt the acting was way too theatrical. Not for me. Good story though.
  12. anybody seen Roadies? any good? Just heard about them and gonna check em out tomorrow.
  13. The second half of the song is probably my favorite music that ava has written.
  14. I was listening to the goldfinger song, my son who is 2 years old and looooves blink came and said "hey! New blink!"
  15. Im slowly digging it more and more. I seem to come back to it. Its a grower for sure.