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  1. They only reason i didnt like it at first was Fieri. But when i started to like him i could love the show.
  2. He travels across the US and sometimes Canada, goes to "low key" restaurants that make awesome food from scratch and they show you how.
  3. Been binging Diners Drive-ins and Dives for a few years now. Makes me wanna open a restaurant. I didnt like Guy Fieri at first but i think he's hilarious now.
  4. Out. Of. This. World. I would have given one of my testicles to be there.
  5. Listened to obvious just now and man what happened to travis' drum breaks/solos? They were so good and coordinated. They're a mess now and way to busy.
  6. love it. and she is not ugly.
  7. i like it. cool song
  8. Watched Shutter Island. Again. Fantastic movie. Annoying ending. Damn. Was he right!?
  9. when on the plane the captain has the same authority as the police and he can do what the fuck he wants and command whatever he wants. i dont know if he had anything to do with this decision or not but it's highly likely. because he has the final saying in who goes on and/or leaves. when the people at the gate wanted to put employees on the plane and take someone off he has to authorize it.
  10. Split- pretty good. Slow paced thriller. Liked it, recommend but its a watch once kind of movie. 7/10
  11. Yup. I didnt finish it. Just a little intro with the machine and institution and bam, get sucked in the creed world and make that the movie.
  12. Assassins Creed- a fan of the games but they didnt do them justice with the movie. Waaaayyyy to much uncalled for drama with the machine and institution. They should have done a story with the assassins like the games did. I was always waiting for that to start. It was jumping in and out reality too much. Aguilar was in a fight then all of a sudden it jumped to the machine and took the suspense out of the fight itself. Didnt like it.
  13. There is something written in blue next to the titles which may say he cant play it yet. Its not next to parking lot and misery
  14. It wont leak until maybe a week before.
  15. Patriots Day- loved it. Really intense. Horrible what happened. The founder- also loved it. Ray kroc was an ass. But i kinda understand his point of view. He saw that McDonalds could be big, fast and profitable and took the opportunity.