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  1. Way to give it a chance!
  2. He usually plays the same stubborn know it all type with little emotions. But im a few ep into the ozark and i like it.
  3. Agreed. Found myself checking my phone and doing something else very often while watching it.
  4. Just starting Ozark right now. Jason bateman yuck.
  5. Good luck with that.
  6. Haha gave you a heads up for a stupid comment you made. You deleted it, then say im creepy.
  7. So you just deleted it? Thats weird. If i say something, and you go against it i should delete it? Stand by what you say, boy
  8. That The Duke was the mascot for his school. (Reference to ClarkeDuke)
  9. Relax, bud. I just said it might. Trying to call someone out by having a "duke" in their name might not be a good fight to pick.
  10. So you deleted it?
  11. Man i feel like that comment might blow up in your face
  12. Its impossible to follow this thread. It goes 10 pages so fast. Jesus! Talk slower god dammit!
  13. I enjoy those more than watching current blink. More energy, stage movement. Sure shitty guitar sound and some cringy yelling. But i like it more
  14. I find orange too muddy and closed sounding. My favorite amp is the mesa lonestar. I currently own a fender hot rod deville and its a beauty.
  15. They're both skinny fat. If i look like mark at his age i'll die happy