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  1. Reginald

    Story Time: I saw Blink at Saturday Night Live

    wow cool story! How did you know them?
  2. I think its def necessary for bands yes. Just for what i do, is i always go to a professional studios for drums. Then i own some studio equipment to record the rest myself and save money. Usually all i need is a preamp and 1-3 mics. You can make a good sounding record that way, given that the preamp and mics are decent. I’ve had songs handed to me where the artist obviously wanted it to be fixed in the mix and is bummed when magic doesnt happen in the final product and doesnt understand why it doesnt sound like this or that. But if you dont own equipment you should go to a studio. its expensive as fuck. I wouldnt expect anything below 10 grand minimum for a full album. Few hundred bucks for a song if you get it and get out.
  3. Reginald

    We need to talk about Matt Skiba

    Slurring is words, bad guitar sound and playing AND UFO’s now? Might as well call him Matt Delonge AMIRITE
  4. Yup. With the technology today you can get a song out with almost no budget, recorded on your laptop. Most of that music is the rnb/rap/electronic stuff. I went to a studio in 2010 with my band, got a package deal with the label, that had studio + mixing price. I heard that the studio has been closed and the engineer is working as a electrician. Really sad. It was one of the largest label here, but it was all bands and my guess is with all the rap scene thats huge here the bands are struggling.
  5. Yes. Many times. I’ve also recorded and engineered in a professional studio. The last one was the same studio that Of Monsters and Men recorded their albums. The equipment is so expensive its crazy. And needs constant maintenance. Studios can have a mixing desk that costs 200.000 dollars and filled with equipment where each costs thousands of dollars. I’ve worked on a SSL mixer and its worth the price. On top of that is the price for the engineer. So i’d say a normal price for a professional studio is probably around 120$ + engineer. Then mixing. If its an album theres most likely a package deal. When songs are recorded and engineered well, with proper equipment it will be easy to mix. Really easy. Dont go and think the mix engineer will make it sound good. Shit in shit out.
  6. Reginald

    Best Artist of our Generation?

  7. Reginald

    Death Cab - Thank You For Today *new album*

    Im loving it. Didnt even know they had a new album.
  8. Start the machine is the best AVA song. And somewhere in Toms Top 5 songs hes written.
  9. Reginald

    What Are You Listening To Right Now Pt. 2

    What. A. Cover. His bass guitar sound is out of this world. How the hell does he do it
  10. Meh. Im just glad toms making music. His music is like sex. Even if its bad, its still pretty good.
  11. When watching start the machine i noticed that david is almost a producer. Tells tom what works and what doesnt
  12. Reginald

    AVA General Discussion

    And david is there
  13. Reginald

    Video Games Thread

    Yup, i read that. Some reviews on the pro are saying the difference is minimal. Maybe some better lighting etc., nothing that blows your mind.
  14. Reginald

    Best Artist of our Generation?

    I agree with JT and Adele. And Bruno Mars. But others meh. In 50 years they’re forgotten. No one will be listening or watching a live performance of bieber in the future and think “wow this guy had so much talent”. That includes a lot of other famous artists today.