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  1. The Killers?

    . yes he's still around.Mika just came out with a new album in 2015. He has many other albums and songs.
  2. The Killers?

    Yes! best shows ever but you might no like Izombie everbody else I know hates it. Im rewatching psych for the tenth time. Its so good.
  3. The Killers?

    What? No I put a coma in between words.
  4. The Killers?

    Psych,Daredevil,Izombie and agents of shield. and malcolm in the middle.
  5. The Killers?

    No I have no idea what that is.
  6. The Killers?

    I think you need some help.Go see a doctor.
  7. The Killers?

  8. The Killers?

    That your profile pic looks like MIka.
  9. The Killers?

    I'm so confused.
  10. The Killers?

    Because the guy in his profile picture looks like MIKA. how is that rude?
  11. The Killers?

    Okay so this might be a wierd question but is that MIKA in your profile picture?
  12. The Killers?

    That just made my day. XD
  13. The Killers?

    Crap lol. im obsessed with Brandon but honestly impersonating him i think is to far. XD. I understand you not being a huge fan of them. To eivh their own. Ronnie Vannucci is so cool. I was 9 when I found out about the killers and I was absolutelly in love with ronnie I would set out buckets and "Drum".
  14. What TV show are you watching?

    PSYCH. I have rewatched this show like 9 times it my all time favorite.
  15. The Killers?

    I love that song. My favorite song by the killer would have to be "My list" or "This river is wild" I honestly cant decide. I like "My list" cause it is depressing. Brandon make the best depressing damn songs ever.