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  1. . yes he's still around.Mika just came out with a new album in 2015. He has many other albums and songs.
  2. Yes! best shows ever but you might no like Izombie everbody else I know hates it. Im rewatching psych for the tenth time. Its so good.
  3. What? No I put a coma in between words.
  4. Psych,Daredevil,Izombie and agents of shield. and malcolm in the middle.
  5. No I have no idea what that is.
  6. I think you need some help.Go see a doctor.
  7. That your profile pic looks like MIka.
  8. Because the guy in his profile picture looks like MIKA. how is that rude?
  9. Okay so this might be a wierd question but is that MIKA in your profile picture?
  10. That just made my day. XD
  11. Crap lol. im obsessed with Brandon but honestly impersonating him i think is to far. XD. I understand you not being a huge fan of them. To eivh their own. Ronnie Vannucci is so cool. I was 9 when I found out about the killers and I was absolutelly in love with ronnie I would set out buckets and "Drum".
  12. PSYCH. I have rewatched this show like 9 times it my all time favorite.
  13. I love that song. My favorite song by the killer would have to be "My list" or "This river is wild" I honestly cant decide. I like "My list" cause it is depressing. Brandon make the best depressing damn songs ever.
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