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  1. Toms bio does clearly states blink-182. He's had no involvement with the band in years so why keep the link up? I get the whole royalties thing and legal shit but he's show no interest in the band.
  2. It's odd that it was pulled so fast from the news. Probably either wasn't true or the band wasn't ready to release that statement.
  3. Umm didn't I see 2 posts today one from alternative press saying they got a fill in singer for the Linkin Park tour? Looks like it quickly got taken down, did anyone else see it?
  4. Being in the military I can tell you that they won't give him any real facts or proof. All of that requires a really high security clearance which almost impossible to get. Most of these people who will be in it are going to be military veterans or ex government workers. I just can't seem to find any validaty in their statements.
  5. Getting back on topic here, I don't post much but I wanted to chime in. Let's assume this is regarding his big alien and secret meetings with government officials documentary or whatever it is. How is this going to be any different than the ones you see on Netflix or the internet besides the fact that he's a musician from a band we all love? How do the facts he is presenting have any validation? I think it's going to be written off as just another conspiracy documentary. I don't think people would take any of these facts or segments seriously unless this was on CNN or any big news network. I'm not bashing it in anyway because I'm curious as to what it could be but I'm wondering what his expectations are when it's released.
  6. So I got VIP tickets for their city of trees festival in Sacramento. It does not include meet and greet, it's not being offered at all. Any tips on meeting the band after the show? Probably just wait by the tour busses?
  7. How did you get it on the iPhone to work?
  8. Could someone send me the iPhone link?
  9. Someone please send it my way 😩
  10. Looks like kingdom leaks is actually reliable. Would any of you be willing send pm me the link when it leaks? I'm stuck at work all day 😑
  11. Oh god why....
  12. Hopefully soon 😑
  13. It leaked?
  14. I posted a thread on bb warez to see if anyone has it yet. Hopefully this leaks soon...