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  1. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    The same songs they always play
  2. 2018 "New Album News" Thread

  3. Yes, I’m curious. He was an ass at musink to the fans
  4. Blink KROQ Weenie Roast Stream

    It definitely sucks losing interest in a band you were so obsessed with for so long
  5. I don’t know if it’s how they are feeling or just how they are in general but quick story I to throw out is when I saw new found glory with a then girlfriend at the time, it was the first ready and willing tour. There was a huge crowd at the end of the street waiting for Jordan to come out. Her and I waiting by the buses. He came out to just us, took pictures and had a genuine conversation with us for about 10 minutes. We thanked him then he went down the street to see everyone else. Granted this isn’t blink but I would say new found glory is pretty close to that level. It’s things like that which stick in your mind. But like you said they are h see no obligation. I’ve met Tom twice and he was really cool too. There’s no reason for mark and ESPECIALLY matt to act like royalty. The fame has definitely hit skiba hard I think.
  6. I agree with you. But at the same time it’s like you are the one who’s helping pay their bills. I think you commented on my post a few months ago about musink. It’s disappointing to wait for someone for almost 2 hours for a picture, this being mark, only to walk by and say have a good night. There was a guy from Puerto Rico who flew all the way to musink, dude was in tears when Mark did that. But on the flip side, putting myself in their shoes, I would probably just want to head home from being so wiped out from playing.
  7. Blink KROQ Weenie Roast Stream

    Let us know how it goes tonight
  8. Blink KROQ Weenie Roast Stream

    Where are you from? I live in Sacramento and was going to go, but after their event performances I have no desire to go.
  9. Blink KROQ Weenie Roast Stream

    I love how everyone here sees it for what it is..garbage. Anyone from Ava movement would worship and praise a train wreck angels and airwaves concert
  10. Blink KROQ Weenie Roast Stream

    They are in town today where I live and for once I have no desire to go, what is this feeling 😂
  11. Blink KROQ Weenie Roast Stream

    How come the only song that sounded good was a cover
  12. Blink KROQ Weenie Roast Stream

    I had to turn it off
  13. Blink KROQ Weenie Roast Stream

    Same ol setlist. They sound terrible so far 😂
  14. I honestly can’t believe he’s taking this spaceship shit his building seriously 😂