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  1. How did you get it on the iPhone to work?
  2. Could someone send me the iPhone link?
  3. Someone please send it my way 😩
  4. Looks like kingdom leaks is actually reliable. Would any of you be willing send pm me the link when it leaks? I'm stuck at work all day 😑
  5. Oh god why....
  6. Hopefully soon 😑
  7. It leaked?
  8. I posted a thread on bb warez to see if anyone has it yet. Hopefully this leaks soon...
  9. Unfortunately I'm going to be at basic training for the military for this whole tour blinks doing, maybe I missed an interview/announcement, but did they say if they're touring the U.S again next year?
  10. If we're taking Star Wars now...I say scrap the next few movies and start working on a film version of the force unleashed! With sam witwer of course.
  11. where is everyone finding the track?
  12. I'm surprised they haven't released the iTunes pre order yet. I still haven't listened to the leak yet just what's been officially released. Obviously they know it leaked but you'd think they would release it since it's basically out.
  13. I hate being that guy asking for a link. I'm stuck at work and using an iPhone. Would love to hear this song. Could someone put up a Dropbox link?
  14. Can someone throw it up on Dropbox? I'm at work for the 8 hours 😑
  15. Anyone think they're going to release cynical or the whole album today since it's already leaked? I think someone said a yellowcard song leaked yesterday and it was up on iTunes around 8ish last night. Would make sense for damage control purposes.