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  1. Blink 182 European Tour 2017

    Didn't Matt appear at a free benefit show after the London attacks earlier this year or I have just made that up haha!? Wouldn't rule out a very stripped down acoustic set but it sucks they cancelled on the day of the show.
  2. Blink 182 European Tour 2017

    Went to the Manchester show. Wasn't expecting much but it was surprisingly such a highly polished set. I think the choice of venue kind of thinned out the casual fans who know the same 3 songs from coming as the majority around me seemed to know the words to almost every song. Kind of wished they extended the setlist a little though. They arrived on stage around 9-ish and it was all wrapped up by about 10:15 so could have easily slotted in a couple more songs. One thing that really stuck out was the lack of banter/talking. Mark spoke to the crowd a couple of times, hardly made any jokes and I don't even recall Matt even talking but having seen they cancelled tonight, maybe he was the one who's sick?!?! Mark looks so much better now he's got rid of that mohwak. Missed the whole announcement and the guy playing bass on stage even though I was still there haha! Found out later on it was my cousin's friend who got up on the stage so will have to ask how that was when I next see them. Have they been mixing the set-list up during the UK shows?!?
  3. Alkaline Trio

    Forgotten how much I love 'My Shame is True' - Some stunning songs hidden in there, I can't stop listening to 'One Last Dance'. There will be so many fresh, new eyes on Alkaline Trio when their next record drops, I hope they get the main-stream success they deserve!!
  4. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I'm ashamed to admit how much I liked this haha!
  5. AFI - Blood (New Album)

    Finally, finally... finally got round to listening to this and there's some very good stuff on there! I didn't really like either of the first two singles but they really add an extra layer to the record and have grown on me such much. Hidden Knifes and Get Hurt are also personal favs. Seeing as this has also turned into a Davey/AFI thread - Is it true that he's blacked out both his sleeves?
  6. Cheshire Cat - Carousel & Waisting Time Dude Ranch - Dick Lips & Emo Enema of the State - What's My Age Again & Adam's Song Take Off Your Pants and Jacket - Story of a Lonely Guy & Roller Coster Blink-182 - Feeling This & Stockholm Syndrome Neighborhoods - After Midnight & Kaleidoscope Dogs Eating Dogs - Boxing Day & Pretty Little Girl California - Bored to Death & San Diego
  7. California discussion

    Circle Jerk Pit would have made such a fun addition to California. Just seems ready made for Mark to scream his verses after the first minute. For all the hate it gets, I think 'New World' wouldn't have looked out of place on California than a couple of the skip-able tracks that made the record.
  8. What concerts are you going to?

    Saw Red Hot Chilli Peppers in Manchester this week. If you ever get chance, I'd highly recommended going to see them! Probably one of the best shows I've been too! So refreshing to see a band change up their setlist for every show with a bit of everything instead of the half-assed greatest hits and x amount of songs off the new record you see with most bands with their sort of back-catalogue but getting to hear songs like 'I Could have Lied' and 'Don't Forget Me' just made it all that little more special. I know they do it for every show but they open with a live intro jamming session that just build and builds into the opener and they do similar sort of thing for songs like Californication but it was just a great experience to hear it live.
  9. Predict the next singles

    Is 'Home Is Such A Lonely Place' going to be released as a single? Was driving home from work when it randomly started playing on Radio X. They do play blink, mostly what's my age again? but never play anything off the new record. Just thought it was strange. I guess when the UK tour hits, there might be something released as an official single, even if it's on the current record or off the new EP to try and gain some interest.
  10. What TV show are you watching?

    Anybody here seen Mr. Robot? Don't really know anybody who's seen it to provide any reviews
  11. California discussion

    Incidentally enough, I've been giving 'My Shame is True' a spin and I'm really starting to enjoy this record now. I wasn't really convinced with the lead single but after hearing 'I Wanna Be a Warhol' on the record again, it just hit me how good Matt/Dan can write songs but something like 'The 'Temptation of St. Anthony' sounds like something that wouldn't look out of place on the self-titled/untitled record. There will be a lot of new/fresh eyes looking on Alkaline Trio when they're next record drops... I'm hoping that now Matt may feel more comfortable as a band member, he may want to push a darker/heavier sound on some of the songs on this new EP. I never quite appreciated just how deep and cleaver some of the lyrics were that he wrote. Goddamnit would have made an excellent punk rock record had it been produced a little more cleaner.
  12. I need new music. help meee

    I'd have to say Your Loves Whore is my fav too! Everytime I listen to the album something new stands out so my favourites tend to change but I'm really fond of 'She', 'Blush' & 'You're a Germ' at the minute.
  13. I need new music. help meee

    I'd like to second Wolf Alice... There debut album is decent enough but I think they're still trying to find their 'definitive' sound but I suppose there will be something from everybody on the first record. I'd recommend checking out the deluxe version as it contains every song from their earlier EP's which provide some excellent songs, they're also very good live! My favourite song is You're Loves Whore Check this live video out -
  14. Blink 182 European Tour 2017

    It's completely ridiculous! I paid £65 to see Red Hot Chilli Peppers in December but that's more because I've always wanted to see them but the likes of Kings of Leon are charging £92 a ticket, and I'm sure they are playing at the Cricket Ground in Manchester so they will do very well to even come close to selling that out! Purchased my seating tickets for Manchester! Completely forgot about standing so it sold out very quickly but managed to find some decent seats so happy with that. Hoping to hear 'Hey, I'm Sorry' if it's included in the deluxe version of the website but it will be so cool to hear some newer songs. MSandt - I'd act as quickly as possible as for Manchester, a large portion of the better seats and the floor have completely sold out, well unless your willing to pay a fair bit more extra using these ticket websites who make hefty profit on you.
  15. Jimmy Eat World - Sure & Certain (New Song)

    Sadly, I don't think Jimmy Eat World will ever write another darker / heavier album that will sound anything remotely close to Bleed American or Futures but you what!? I'm seriously OK with that! It's just like how Blink will never produce another self-titled/untitled record. If you leave those expectations at the door, it's actually a very enjoyable, deep album if you are in the right mood. I wasn't keen on Sure and Certain but after numerous listens, I can honestly say it's now one of my favourites on there. You Are Fee, Pass The Baby and Through are my favourites on the album but I do have to agree with Kay - The last two tracks kind of fizzle out but overall, I think it's their best work since Chase This Light.