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  1. Tom's Sticker Strat pickups..

    Cheers man. This hasn't been too pricey really, I haven't worked it out properly yet, but it was just tracking down the guitar with the two point trem in the right colour that took a while coz I didn't really wanna get into painting it, but I got this guitar for £135 & I sold the scratch plate with the pickups off of it for £70, so the body & neck only stood me £65! I could do I complete rundown for you if you wanted, it might be a lot more doable than you think!
  2. Tom's Sticker Strat pickups..

    The guitars finished & been sent off to my guitar tech to be wired, have the bone nut set in & fully set up! I ended up sanding the headstock down a bit as I noticed Tom's looked slightly lighter in colour & I oiled the fretboard to darken it! I also cut & reshaped the headstock as it was originally a 70s style headstock but it was the only 22 fret neck i could get hold of, i foins most are 21! Should be getting it back next week then I can start stickering!!
  3. Tom Delonge's Sticker Strat

    For the people that have built a Tom Delonge sticker strat, I'm curious to know what pots you used for the volume & tones? Originally Tom's strat would of had three single coils so would of had three 250k pots, but I wonder if they would of been left in when the pickups were changed or if the volume was changed to a 500k as there was the x2n humbucker in the bridge & usually you would use a 500k with a humbucker! What did you guys use as the difference in pots would change the sound of the pickups quite a bit, so I'm curious to what your thoughts are & to know what to use for mine?! Some people prefer 250k's or 300k's to 500k's in single coils & or humbuckers & vice versa, I just don't know what to try & dont wanna end up with it sounded not quite right..or am I just being mega anal?! I hope some of what I've put makes sence to some of you!!
  4. Also when the saddles were changed, I've got a feeling they were changed to graphtech (the black ones) these also have quite a big effect on the tone aswel, & would of contributed to Tom's sound. If you look closely they are offset saddles. I think the strings trees were changed at some point aswel as some pictures they are chrome & others they look black. Maybe also to graphtech as they came out in 1990 so people started changing to them the time Tom had that guitar. They also eliminate string breakage!
  5. Tom Delonge's Sticker Strat black saddles

    Looking into the graphtech saddles, they were first brought out in 1990 & they make an offset version of Strat saddles where the screw that goes through the bridge into the saddle is over to one side rather than central. I was then looking at the saddles on Tom's Strat & noticed that all of his are offset too, something I hadn't picked up on before! So I'm pretty sure that Tom did have his original Fender saddles changed to graphtech ones! If you zoom in to the saddles in the picture you'll see that they are offset. This is a link to the graphtech ones : http://www.stringsdirect.co.uk/parts-c4/bridge-parts-c685/saddles-c686/graph-tech-graphtech-string-saver-saddle-set-strat-off-set-6-pcs-p5483
  6. Does anybody think that maybe Tom's Saddles were changed from the original chrome saddles to the black ones as they might have been graphite which would of helped massively with breaking strings & also made a difference in the tone aswel? I might be wrong but I don't get why you would just swap the saddles for no reason unless there was an issue or to gain something from it? What are people's opinions or ideas to why?
  7. Tom's Sticker Strat pickups..

    Received the body for my sticker strat today. It's a fair few years old so has naturally discolored which is pretty close to Tom's in my opinion! Just ordered some chrome flathead pivot screws for the bridge to match the original as the ones currently are black & Allen key type. Pickguard is on its way & just need to get the x2n & I'm good to go! Can't wait to start building it!
  8. Tom's Sticker Strat pickups..

    I think I'm gonna go all the way with the stickers, I believe Lagwagon was the last added! I've managed to find a White Strat body with a two point trem & I'm putting the neck from my first guitar, which was a squire strat which happens to be a 94' which is a cool coincidence I think. I've got the three channel Mesa, it works really well along side the Marshall, looking forward to trying the Sticker Strat through it! I just meant do you think the trem was disabled coz the two points are a bit more lively & i could imagine it being a pain in the backside live. I just wedged a block of wood in mine which works a treat, just would be good to hear other opinions! : )
  9. Tom's Sticker Strat pickups..

    I couldn't of asked for a better response! I've never delved into the early side of blink too deep, I became a fan when Enema came out (I was sixteen) & always loved Budda & Cheshire Cat to listen to but it ended there! I just bought a second hand Hotrails from eBay & a wire is broken so not sure if it's going to affect the sound much or not at all, but if the pickup is going to be mainly visual then I won't worry too much! I also play in a blink tribute band, so trying to get as close to the original sound live is something I want to try & achieve too!! Cheers for the info regarding tones for other bands too Davey, I'm looking forward to getting the Sticker Strat finished so I can play about with the pickups & tones (running through a Mesa duel rec & jcm900 via an ABY) Also, do you think the trem on Tom's Sticker Strat was blocked off as obviously trem wasn't his thing & It might of been something the tech done when the pickups were fitted?! Either way it's something I'm definitely going to do to mine, it would just be nice to hear others opinions! Also, thanks again for the stickers Davey, your a top guy! P.S referring to the angled pickup, I got my first Strat in 94', I angled the humbucker too purely because Billie Joe did!! : ) I tried to upload a pic but for some reason I can't upload picture to this website?! It keeps saying file size can't be bigger than 49mb but none are? Anyone else have this issue?!
  10. Tom's Sticker Strat pickups..

    With regards to Tom's sticker strat, does anybody know how often he switched to the Seymour Duncan Hot Rail in the neck position? Did it contribute to much of his sound back then or was it rarely used? Any info or pics would be great! Even a list of songs that you might think are using the hot rails Thanks, Gary