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    Hahahahahaha Suarez crying his eyes out the fucking prick. Off in the Summer. Tears everywhere. I fucking love it. Horrible fucking cunts. There is a god. Fuck off Gerard you fucking scumbag.
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    Totally agree - they just light up the PPV's. Each member has their moments - Seth Rollins is the new Shawn Michaels imo. They are pretty much saving the company right now - its the only reason i watch Raw and the PPV's - ive even started watching Smackdown just because of them. I wish i had more reasons to watch these shows other than just The Shield. Absolute crime that these guys got 4mins of time at WM30!!!
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    The Shield are the best thing that has happened to WWE in years!!
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    The Shield are unbelievable.
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    Because that goal made barca not be able to depend on itself. So in the last match of the League (barcelona vs atletico) even if barcelona won, they wouldnt be champions if madrid won aswell. Madrid will most definately beat Espanyol (always known to be Real Madrid's bitch too, and Barca massive rival). And Barca wouldnt try to win if that gave Madrid the league I guess. If everyone wins their matches, the last week is gonna be hilarious. Madrid should start losing/drawing their match so Barca would think they can win the league and go for the match against us. Then Real Madrid would try to win the match by the end of it. I dont even know what im saying anymore lol. All i know is that Atletico is the only team that depends on itself. Im so nervous!
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    This is the blink I miss... I almost forgot that they could kill it live. This absolutely face bones any performance since the reunion. >http://youtu.be/dMPaB8W93AI
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    Love Adam's Song, fuck you both. Fuck you both right in the ass.
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    Way to go making Bray look like a total bitch WWE, regardless if he wins or not.
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    Match. Of. The. Fucking. Year. I fucking LOVE The Shield...
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    It's is his "art" and he is "painting a picture". Fuck off Tom.
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    Still don't care for that song, never did... just me, I guess but anyway... I found my old Urethra Chronicles DVDs today, and watched most of the first one, I miss the band they used to be, everything was better then. I feel like they take themselves and their music way too seriously these days. Especially Tom.
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